10 Christmas gift ideas for people who don’t have a big budget

10 Christmas gift ideas for people who don’t have a big budget

Hello all you lovely readers!

As we are on the approach to Christmas (and it will come quicker than you think), you will need to start thinking about gifts for friends and family. Although you may not have the budget to get the most up to date tech, or a designer bag etc, you can still give some lovely gifts without breaking the bank. And actually, a more sentimental or handmade gift demonstrates more thought than somebody who could just chuck money at a gift without taking the time to think about it.

Below are a few ideas of some gifts that you could get for people which are cost friendly and will really show a lot of thought.

Handmade gifts:

  • Photo gifts! This is often one of the most well received gifts as it can spark a lot of happy memories. You could buy a frame and put in your favourite picture of you and your friend, or you could make a scrapbook or memory book in chronological order and fill it with quotes, magazine snippets, photos, jokes etc. It doesn’t cost a lot of money and the person you’re giving it to would treasure it forever. It not only shows time and thought, but also reminds them of all the special times and what a journey you’ve had together. You could also check out your nearest jessops and get some mugs or cushions with a photo on too!


  • Home made jam: This may sound like quite a silly one but I’ve seen some and they actually look really cute! It doesn’t cost a lot to make, and you can mix up the flavours. There are tonnes of recipes online, and you know it will get used if the family eat a lot of jam on toast! You could make mini jam jars or some larger ones.


Here are some quick steps for strawberry jam:

  1. Prepare the strawberries. Prepare the strawberries by wiping them with a piece of damp kitchen paper
  2. Add the sugar. Put the strawberries in a bowl and gently toss through the sugar
  3. Cook over a low heat
  4. Bring to the boil
  5. Boil for 5-10 mins
  6. Discard the surface
  7. Leave to settle
  8. Ladle into jars.


  • Hand made biscuits and tins. You could totally pimp up your old pringles tube by painting them or glue gunning some nice wrapping paper on and tying on some ribbons. Then you could bake some cookies or nice biscuits to put inside. You could also add some cute decorative stickers from hobby craft to make it look a little more professional

  • I know that not a lot of people can knit, but if you can or know somebody that can and can help you, then why not make somebody a scarf or a jumper. I once saw an INCREDIBLE homemade Harry Potter esque jumper that somebody had knitted with their initials in the middle, and I also saw a scarf with the house party colours in it. If you have any friends or relatives who are HP fans then this would be an incredible gift! If you don’t know anyone who can knit then there’s always the HP merch in primark like candles, PJs and jumpers etc.


  • Mason jar gifts- I guess this is similar to the jam jar gift but there’s so many other ideas. For example you could fill it with hot chocolate powder and mini marsh mallows and create some festve hot chocolate ones, you could do some sweet jars (or cones), or cake mix or bath salts.


If any of you want to get really crafty you could always try to make homemade bath bombs/wax melts or something!



Cheaper gifts:

For those who feel arts and crafts are their worst nightmare, then you could think about buying some low cost gifts:

  • A hamper!-you could easily buy a basket or a box and fill it with some items that your receipient will love, and if you’re really pushed for budget you could make it a joint gift.

You could have a bigger box for foods and fill it with chocolates, wine, gourmet pasta from places like TK Maxx, biscuits etc. For girl friends you could do a mini hamper full of bath stuff (if they don’t have sensitive skin), eyelashes, nail varnishes, face masks and you could plan a girly night together in the new year. For family friend type gift where you don’t know them too well, you could make a fruit basket with muffins etc.


  • You could always look into getting some long-lasting candles. It won’t cost the earth and you know they’ll get used over xmas time. I head Aldi have lots of festive flavoured ones and also HomeSense have some ginormous ones which smell incredible.

  • Bath stuff-This is a bit of a cop out in some people’s minds, but if your friend doesn’t ming getting bath stuff then you can invest in some gift sets. They’re not too expensive and if you friends etc take a lot of baths then you know it will get used. I personally don’t like to get bath stuff because of sensitive skin, but I have friends who can’t get enough and their xmas bath sets last them year round!


  • Gin glasses-You could look into getting some personalised wine glasses or buying some gin glasses so that you can plan a girly evening in. If you have enough money you could add a bottle of gin and possibly some unicorn drink glitter to make it extra fun!


  • Puzzle-For a brother or dad or something you could get one of those puzzles from places like men kind. It could give them something to do. Some ideas could be a rubiks cube or trivia game or something. I can guarantee that they’ll get using it right away and if you get a board game, then the family can play it over the holidays.


Those are my current ideas. I hope they’ve been somewhat helpful and would love to hear if you guys have any more ideas?

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