10 reasons why you should start a blog:

10 reasons why you should start a blog:

Lots of people ask me why I decided to start a blog, so I thought it would be really useful to write a blog post about why you should create one and become a blogger!

1.BECAUSE YOU WANT TO!-the number one reason why you should start a blog is because youwant to!

I see too many people start projects or endeavours with the sole goal of making money. That’s the completely wrong way to go about it. Here’s why:

  1. you won’t get anywhere with an attitude purely for financial gain
  2. even if you do eventually manage to get to work with clients-the amounts earned will be relative to your engagement and so you’d need a tonne of loyal readers which takes time, effort and attained trust. You want an engaged audience who genuinely care about what you have to say. It will be so obvious if you just write light hearted, thoughtless blog posts, and you would definitely see less engagement than if you took your time and planned it.
  3. It would mean that you may not necessarily promote things on your blog because you genuinely love it-you could be doing it just for the money. I feel that as a blog reader myself, that I’d much rather hear the opinion of somebody with a small audience, but who gives genuine unbiased opinions and reviews, than somebody with a larger audience and who doesn’t seem to genuinely give a damn about the product/place etc that they’re discussing.

I find that if you enjoy something, then money etc will always follow, which is an added bonus, but the realreward I think should be that you can connect with others and share thoughts/opinions/ experiences etc.

Writing a blog is more than just sitting, writing something and then uploading to the internet. It actually takes a whole lot more effort than it looks (aren’t I right fellow bloggers?) and so you could only make that effort and commitment if you genuinely enjoy it.

2.Beacause it’s fun-I know that writing blog posts and sharing it takes time and effort, but I just genuinely love siting in the sofa with a hot chocolate and writing blog posts. I love being able to share my opinions and experiences with a group larger than my immediate circles, and the power of the internet enables us to connect with people from all over the world. It’s so exciting, and you can seriously have such a positive influence on someone else’s life.

3.Because you can meet and connect with other bloggers-I only started blogging recently, but so far I’ve been on 2 blogger meet ups and have a third coming up. You can make some awesome friends (and some what will help you up your gram game and take some lovely photos together). I’ve met some lovely people and as the circle expands in the blogger world, you can meet some amazing and interesting characters which can become friends for life.

4.Because you can inspire and motivate others-I think this reason is so important for me and especially when I see blog posts themed around illness or conditions as it really shows people out there that they’re not the only one affected by something and to develop a network of people with a commonality. Just knowing I could influence someone’s life in a positive way means the world to me.

5.Because it’s something you could read back on in the future-This is a fab reason because with age, our bodies and our thoughts on things change so it would be so interesting to have a log of experiences/thoughts feelings. Even just as a reflection of how far you’ve come or how much has changed.

6. Despite rumours that blogs are dead and it’s all vidual-blogging is still going strong!-Believe it or not there are people still out there who enjoy to sit and read blog posts. It isn’t all audio visual, and also it gives people with busy lifestyles the chance to sit and read at their own pace, even on a commute. I also thing sometimes, writing the posts can be really therapeutic.

7.It can keep up your literary skills and imagination-Some people simply stop writing once they’ve left school and I think that you’d keep up your skills (even if it’s just grammar) by having constant typing interactions. It can spark imagination and creativity as you develop new ways to write and adapt your writing to your style of post/audience.

8.You can show off photography as well as literary skills-A blog isn’t just about the text, it’s about other aspects of content like imagery and themes. Not only can you improve web skills and writing skills, but also photography and design skills which could even up future job opportunities.

9.As well as for social reasons you can use blogs to promote businesses, initiatives etc.-Even if you have a company and don’t want a personal blog, you can also develop a company blog which shares articles about your sector/product or niche. I’ve also seen bloggers begin writing and then eventually expand to begin a side business. The opportunities are endless!

10. Because it’s fun!-Blogging is so fun and will give you visual evidence of creativity and productivity. It’s something to do in your free time, to take about and discuss, to connect you with and even spark collaborations, and something which is just so satisfying. People even do blogging full time because they just fully love doing it and make it into their job as it doesn’t feel much like work and more like enjoyment.

Hope that has helped any of you who have been toying with the idea of starting a blog, and has helped give you a few reasons whether or not to pursue it. Good luck and if anyone does have a blog then please share it so that we can take a read!

Happy blogging





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