11 Summer trends you need this season!

11 Summer trends you need this season!

Hello all you lovely people!

I am sooooo happy that it’s finally summer and I’m guessing most of you are too! In today’s post I’m going to be sharing 11 summer styles that you NEED to incorporate to your wardrobe.  (it’s 11 as I just couldn’t whittle it down to 10). This season is all about fun prints, cute shapes, and an accessories to help you SLAY SUMMER! 

  • 1. The polka dot

Okay, the polkadot is a summer MUST HAVE as it’s such a girly and cute pattern. Whether it’s a cute co-ord or a nice dress, this print will make you feel so nice and girly!

This dress is gorgeous for race day and costs less than £20! Watch this video to see more!

  • 2.The blazer shorts set

We all know that the summer is all about those cute co-ord sets with matching colours and prints! They not only look classy and elegant, but they also feel so nice and comfortable to wear! This one is from quiz clothing and they also have a lovely pink and blue set too! Other retailers like I Saw It First and BooHoo also stock some lovely pastel shades.

  • 3. The strapless maxi dress

The summer time is all about accentuating your body. Strapless items are great as it feels cool on your underarms and the shape feels really feminine and soft. This one was less than ten pounds and I love the seamless material! It cost under £10 from primania!

  • 4. The linen trouser

For decades, the linen trouser has made a constant comeback each summer-and it’s no surprise! It’s light, it’s cute, and it’s appropriate for so many occasions! They’re especially good for when you’re visiting quite religious countries as you feel cool but you’re not showing too much skin! These trousers were a great pick from New Look!

  • 5. The floral print

C’mon, as soon as I mentioned summer you were thinking floral right? It’s just a classic print that you associate with summer. It’s adds more detail than plain clothes, and again just feels really feminine and soft. With sandals, wedges or heels-you’re bound to turn heads with a cute print! This dress was from my latest Primark haul!

  • 6. The khaki military style

This season military style is IN! I’ve seen no many buckle, and button style pieces such as jumpsuits, mini skirts and shorts. Colours like beige and khaki look great with this style and I seriously believe khaki is sooo underrated. Whether you’re a playsuit girl or a combat trouser, you’re bound to find a garment that you love this year! My dress was a sale steal from quiz clothing.

  • 7. The ruffled hem

Ruffles and frills are the epitome of cute in the summer time. They add that extra bit of detail and texture which feels soo lovely to wear. This year you can find a whole range of ruffled shorts, bikinis and crop tops. Go scouting your fave, you won’t regret it! My dress was a bargain £4 from Primark (and it’s also super light for the hot days!)

  • 8. The chunky sandal

Wedges look amazing don’t get me wrong, but sometimes I want to be able to walk without watching my balance, or to wear a shoe that I can comfortable run around in. No need to pick comfort over style as this chunky sandal is the perfect in-between! It’s so comfy, it adds height (especially great if you’re short like me) and it feels more like a heel than a flat sandal. I absolutely love this black pair and haven’t been out of them recently. 

  • 9. The maxi dress

When you think holiday fashion you immediately think maxi dress. They’re cute, they feel like you’re wearing nothing, and they make you look taller. What more could you want?! As soon as summer hits, guaranteed your favourite shops will be stocking some cute maxi dresses so you won’t have to look far!

  • 10. The playsuit

Playsuits are my absolute fave! Yeah they’re a pain when you need the bathroom but who cares? They look so stylish and nice. It feels sexy and fun, and you don’t have to be conscious of flashing your underwear if you bend down. Winner!! The one I’m wearing has a train at the back which I love, and the belt I added just adds a few more dimensions! Go get yourself a cute playsuit-you’ll feel so nice in it!

  • 11. The wrap skirt

Wrap skirts are THE CUTEST item for a date night or girly day with your pals. They make your bum look nice, they are elegant and classy, and it’s literally the least restrictive thing you can wear. I feel like wrap skirts can be worn evening and day time which makes it so easy to just throw and match the occasion. This one is again from New Look which has some killer styles this year! 

So that’s all 11 summer styles that you need in your wardrobe this season. Are these a feature of your collection yet? Have you had your eyes on anything in particular? Don’t hesitate to get in touch!

Ps. Here’s the link to my latest Primark summer haul-let me know what you think!

Happy summer guys,

See you next time



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