5 Tips for getting your Sh*t together

5 Tips for getting your Sh*t together

Hey lovelies, I wanted to write this post because I feel as a millennial, I constantly feel like I’m criticising myself and comparing myself to others. On one hand I’m like I’m young and still have lots of time left for adventures and on the other hand it’s like crap I’m nearly 30 and my time’s running out.  We live in a world now when we can see everything that everyone does on social; and it highlights things that we aspire to be or do. Rather than dwell on these, I decided that I do have some control, and I can improve areas of my life that I’m not so happy with. Of course, some peopled are completely destined for an entitled, privileged world where they don’t need to sacrifice or work particularly hard, but for the rest of the world it’s not so easy… but it’s equally not impossible to achieve success.

I wanted to write a few of the things down that I’m slowly learning to shape my life for the better and hopefully it will give you some useful tips and motivation for getting your sh*t together!

  • STOP focussing on what you don’t have

I mean come on, of course it’s hard not to think about all the things you wish you had but I found that if I try to think about it less; then the less sad/ envious I feel. Unfortunately, there will always be someone richer, smarter and prettier than you. I’ve been trying to focus more on what I do have and what I have achieved. Yeah, I didn’t start a multimillion-pound company age 17 and now giving keynote talks round the world, but I DID escape a shitty upbringing and family and worked hard to get my career and got the chance to volunteer abroad. I feel like it’s all about psychology. and perspective It’s hard but it is slowly working! Remember-every life/journey is different!

  • Get organised and start planning

This is something I’ve always been good at thankfully and that’s trying to keep on top of my work, commitments, and really thinking about where I want to be and what I want to achieve in the short and long term. I’ve been making lists of goals with rough dates. If I didn’t write them down, I don’t think I’d have had as much success as I’ve had and honestly keeping on tip of my time and planning stuff in advance helps me not only in personal life but work too! Set reminders to re assess your goals, make sticky notes, block out chunks in your calendar and get stuff done!

  • Be less trusting of others

I hate to say it as it makes me sound so pessimistic but in actual fact the older you get the more you realise you don’t have many people to rely on. The less you care about what others think of you the stronger and more resilient you’ll feel when people act spiteful and selfish. I always say put your effort towards the people who deserve that effort, for those who are 2 faced and snakey then cut them out if you can and if you can’t just be civil and no more. Unfortunately there are people in this world who like to make others feel small but they’re just not worth the tears and upset. I’ve faced people in my work life who ave beans awful but I’m constantly trying to not let their behaviours bring me down. Unfortunately hater’s gon hate, just focus your efforts on you! There’s nothing wrong with putting yourself first!

  • It’s never too late

It’s oh so easy to start thinking about what you’d wish you’d done and what you wish you could do. If you want to learn something, then start today. Yeah it may not feel as easy as it could be if you’d done it in childhood or years before but starting today, you’ll have 30+ years of experience by the time you retire. You don’t want to regret it later on in life. Challenge yourself and do things that spike your curiosity. We live in a world with things like youtube, online learning platforms etc. It’s never been easier to pick up new things. I started a blog after years of putting it off but one day i did it and haven’t looked back since. Take your dream and work for it!

  • Get your finances in order

You may have been living your best life going out and then when it comes to things like investing and buying a house you may not have much of a foundation. I find tracking your spending so helpful, I still set a social budget, but I also set a savings target too. Even if it’s only £30 a month, over time it will build. Have a think about what you can live without? Do you need that Starbucks every morning? Could you limit yourself to just 2 takeaways a month? Try and monitor your spend it’ll give you an insight into which areas need to be cut back on. The more you sacrifice the more your investment will grow. You’ll feel a whole lot more secure and also shows how independent you are.

So there you have it, those are my 5 top tips for getting your sh*t together! Those are just 5 tips but if you guys want to hear some more then just get in touch. I hope they’ve been helpful and I hope you guys are looking after yourselves. As always thanks for reading!



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