About Me


Hey everyone!

Thanks so much for visiting my new blog! I created it to share with you my journey and sharing a common love of fashion, travel and makeup!

What’s your story?– I’m Natasha (also nicknamed “Tattie” by my high school best friend Aemelia”. I’m a 25-year-old from greater Manchester, and IT consultant trying to promote women in tech. I graduated with first class hons from NTU and I speak a fairly high level of Spanish.

When I’m not working, I’m constantly on the lookout for new additions to my wardrobe (particularly for clothes that fit my legs, being 5”3 I often have to tailor, roll up or buy cropped trousers just to fit my leg!-the struggle is real). I also have a slight obsession with makeup and love experimenting! I also love to travel but who doesn’t?!

Why create a blog?– I’ve wanted to make a blog and/or vlog for a very long time since I started university, and I guess I let daily life get in the way of that. I then realised that if I don’t do it now I never will, and I shouldn’t hold back for fear of not feeling I have the best content or that it wasn’t interesting enough. I just love to meet new people and why not share common interests with others. Plus, if there are any petite girls following this, then hopefully I can help find you some awesome petite clothing items!

I hope you enjoy my journey, and if anyone wants to collaborate, meet, ask questions then just get in touch. Life is too short and I’m finally sharing what I love. If anyone else is reading this and has similar aspirations then do it, you’d be surprised just how much support is out there, and you may regret not doing it one day.

Social media-if you don’t follow me already please make sure to visit my social media sites!

For all my girly fashion and beauty content it’s @tattiexo on instagram and pinterest.

My twitter is also @tattiexo for a mixture of posts (I’ll try to keep delayed train rants to the minimum!)

Stay tuned for my next post,


Tattie xo