Benefit cosmetics-new additions

Benefit cosmetics-new additions

3 latest items: Hoola Caramel bronzer, Ka-Brow gel cream, Bob-ing industrial strength concealer.

Hey Guys,

I recently landed my hands on 3 new benefit cosmetics items and just HAD to share them with your I’m a huge fan of makeup as you know, and so I always get super excited when I try new products. The 3 items I bought were: 

1) the Hoola caramel powder (gotta get that healthy golden glow)

2) Boe-ing industrial strength concealer,  (need a reliable concealer which lasts)

3) The Ka-Brow cream brow. (gotta get those brows on fleek)

Let’s start with the Hoola powder:

I literally could not go without my original Hoola bronzing powder, so when I heard that Benefit were bringing out new shades-I just had to check it out for myself and see how it compares to my holy grail hoola bronzer and hoola lite (both are excellent for a nose contour by the way!).

Benefit now have four shades: 

-Hoola (it’s just an incredible product)

-Hoola lite (really love using this on my nose contour as I mentioned before)

-Hoola Caramel (I was really drawn to the colour of this particularly as I have olive skin)

-Hoola toasted (I haven’t yet bought this but I hear it’s excellent for darker skin tones)

It’s really great to see that benefit are catering for a variety of different skin tones and that they’re adding more variety to my favourite bronzing powder.

The packaging is the same style as the hoola powder and it comes with a cute little kabuki brush for beauties on the go. The price is £26 for a full size product and I believe they also have miniature sized ones too which is awesome.

Overall, I found the Hoola caramel amazing. It was very pigmented so you only need to swoop lightly. It definitely has a buildable colour and I thought the shade would really stand out and look stunning as we are hitting spring and summer.

I like the fact that I have 3 of the shades because I can use whichever one matches my skin tone i.e. when I’m more tanned etc. 

I would suggest going to have a sample of the product before you buy just to make sure you like how it looks on your face. Don’t be expecting the same shade as Hoola as they are quite different.

Here’s the link if you want to buy it.

Now onto the concealer:

I found this concealer again really good. It cost £18.50. What drew me to this is the fact it is a matte finish and lasts throughout the day. After using this I can definitely verify that claim as my makeup did actually stay put! 

I wasn’t sure what shade. I have a shade 2 in the old “erase paste” now re-vamped as the boe-ing brightening concealer. But I decided to go for shade 3 which is a little deeper.

I found the shade a pretty good match as I used it to clean up my brows after filling them in.

It was so creamy and soft and definitely easy to blend.

Since it stays for a long time-it could be a particularly good buy if you have an oily complexion.

Here’s the link if you want to take a look

The final product I bought is the Ka-Brow cream gel colour. I got mine in  a shade 5 since I have dark brunette hair. It was a great match and is very similar to my shade of Anastasia Beverly Hills dip brow Pomade. 

I love the packaging of this product. It comes in a sleek glass bottle and a silver plastic top.

Even better-it comes with it’s own mini angled eyebrow brush so that you can bring it with you wherever you need and you have a brush in the bottle ready to use. I thought that was really good value for money at £21.50.

The product was soft and wet enough to be able to apply and build up as desired. I went for a lighter look in my video as I was out in the day time and I have since used it to create a denser look when I went out the other night.

Here’s the link to the Ka-Brow cream gel.h

I love the fact that I can change the strokes to give different effects, and how well it matches my brow hairs.  You guys need to check out the whole brow range from benefit, as they have so many amazing new pieces

I thought I’d just tell you of a few other pieces I have and love from benefit:

Posie ting-I love this lip and cheek tint. The bright pink colour is so fun and girly, and I actually found the tint lasted a good few hours before I needed to re-apply. It also doesn’t highlight dry skin which is a huge plus point for me as I often have chapped lips. You can also get a red one which also looks stunning.

I have the cheek parade palette which I bought from house of fraser. Unfortunately I think this was a limited addition having 3 powders and 4 blushers inside (great value for money). But Benefit have 2 cheek palettes online which are new so you should take a look. If you can’t resist a bargain then definitely consider it as it will work out cheaper than buying all the full size powders separately.

Finally- I just HAVE to mention the pore professional primer. As someone who has large facial pores, it’s often hard to find a product to hide these but this primer is an absolute saviour. You guys need to invest-I promise you won’t be disappointed. It’s a little pricey at £28 but it’s honestly worth it. And if you buy it from boots or Debenhams you can get points on your card (and points make prizes J).

Here’s the link.

Here’s the link to the video is you guys want to see me use my new products: 

Apologies for the blacked out sides-will sort that next time I film a video.

I hope this blog post was insightful and would love to hear if you have tried any benefit cosmetics products recently that you’d recommend.

Thanks for reading




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