Drugstore Matte Lip Stains-MUA And Sleek

Drugstore Matte Lip Stains-MUA And Sleek
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Hi Everyone!

As you may have seen from my YouTube account, I recently uploaded a video showing 3 liquid lip colours from the matte liquid lip stains from MUA and Sleek.

The MUA luxe lip stains cost me £3 each from Superdrug and the Sleek Matte Me lip stains cost £4 each. Really affordable and really pigmented.

The colours I tried were:

MUA luxe:

-Criminal (Bright Barbie Pink)

-Halycon (Orange toned nude)

-Reckless (Red)

Sleek Matte me:

-Brink Pink (Super bright coral pink)

-Birthday Suit-(nude)

-Fandango Purple-(Purpley Pink)


Fave colours out of each-MUA luxe “Criminal”, “Sleek Matte me”-Birthday Suit!

They are all gorgeous though!

Here are some thoughts:

Most wearable: Birthday Suit

Brightest:Brink Pink

Most difficult to remove: Fandango Purple

Most unique:Halycon

Most pigmented:Reckless

Most girly:Criminal


Application and wearability:

For liquid lip stains these all looked stunning. I found the Sleek ones much more watery meaning that when spreading the product, it did make lumps and when trying to smooth it out it could make the colour spread wider than intended and applied a little streakier than the MUA ones.

The MUA luxe ones dried quicker than the Sleek lipsticks, however when rubbing my lips together it came off as dried bits whereas the Sleek ones just removed colour in patches.

The MUA lipsticks applied much easier and had a smaller applicator, however the sleek lip stains lasted a tiny bit longer.

Both brands transferred a little when drinking out of a glass and felt a little sticky to touch, however they lasted a few hours, looked great and didn’t break my bank.

I actually think they applied really well on my lips considering I have constantly dry lips. I applied everyone on top of a clear lip balm which allowed the lipstick to not stick to cracks on my lips. They applied really easily, and you don’t need to line your lips beforehand.

They can be bought instore and online, and they each have a few different colour choices to choose from.

I really enjoyed wearing them and I would definitely recommend them due to their pigmentation. It really impressed me, and they were all matte as they were described.

You can see my YouTube review of them here for a more in depth look and chat through.

Have any of you tried these? What’s your opinion? I’d love to hear from you and see some photo!

Speak soon




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