First impressions of Huda Beauty Mercury Retrograde Palette

First impressions of Huda Beauty Mercury Retrograde Palette

Hey beauties! I hope your 2021 is going well so far (even if we are still under lockdown).

A little while back I released a video on my youtube channel with my black Friday haul…

…and part of that haul was some goodies from Huda Beauty (one of my fave makeup brands). From Huda, I managed to pick up the stunning Mercury retrograde palette for 40 percent off the usual RRP! (yes you read that right!) That was just too good to refuse and I’d actually had my eye on the palette for so long, so without hesitating I added to my basket and checked out!

Today I’m sharing my first impressions of the palette with the hope it may help you decide whether or not you want to try the Mercury Retrograde shadows for yourselves:


The packaging of this palette is amazing, it feels really sturdy and I am just drawn to all of those colours as well as the hologram effect on the front. I also like that you can see the name of the products below the shadow rather than having to turn the palette over or look at a clear film. That’s a little bug bear of mine from other palettes.

Colour Choice:

I must say, the colour choice in this palette is truly amazing and it’s unlike my other palettes in my collection. There’s a total of 18 shades which means you’ll never be short of choice. I try to mix up my palettes rather than just playing it safe and sticking with the colours I’ve used before or the colours that are easier to work with. I’m also especially happy about the fact that there’s a mix of matte and shimmer too as I always like to use a bit of both!


The biggy. I found the pigmentation of this palette really strong for the matte shades (even the pale pink), but for the shimmery shades I found they weren’t too easy to pick up on a brush and apply better with your finger. I also found that using a setting spray on my flat brush helped to pick up more product and apply it much more seamlessly.


Although I couldn’t really “wind test” the makeup I did wear it for about 8 hours and it held up pretty well (though I had used setting spray), so that gives me a lot of confidence to be able to wear it for special events and not worry about it fading- to be fair I never usually have to worry about that with Huda’s products.


I think her palettes are incredible but just so expensive, which means I really have to save up or keep an eye out for offers before I can get one. I’m really glad I managed to get 40 percent off on her website, and they also do offers sometimes at Boots too!

Overall thoughts:

Overall I am definitely glad I got this palette, it’s got amazing colours, versatility and a mix of textures. I just need the chance to create a look that I can show off in public. If you want to see the palette in action and my first tutorial with the palette take a look here:

Has this blog post been helpful? Has it persuaded you to buy the Mercury Retrograde Palette for yourself? Do let me know and stay tuned on my youtube channel and instagram for more tutorials and looks!

Take care of yourselves and see you next time



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