I Saw it First edgy haul-Jan 20

I Saw it First edgy haul-Jan 20

Hello my lovelies and a big happy new year to you all. This year I’m all for stepping up my style and trying new trends. I’ve had my eye on a couple of items from Isawitfirst and thought I’d get them and share them with you on here and on my youtube channe; See video here.

I decided to go for an edgy theme since it’s autumn appropriate, it’s comfy, and because I’ve never really tried edgy looks before. I was quite drawn to the check patterns and chunky boots and how effortless yet so stylish they look!

So what outfits did I buy?

Cargo pants:

Okay so cargo pants are literally a dream. They are the comfiest things to wear ever and is perfect for the days where you want to be a little more boyish.

I decided to pair mine with chunky black boots and my fabric belt which extra detail to this bold outfit.

The woven coat:

I absolutely love blazer style coats for autumn because they smarten up any basic outfit. I feel you can’t go wrong wearing all black and then adding a smart coat. I again went with the chunky boots as I did with most of the outfits from this haul since they just work so well with the pattern of the coat. 

The bright shirt:

Just because edgy often means black is really apparent in many edgy looks, it doesn’t men you can’t incorporate bright colours! Afterall autumn is all about bright, fiery, shades. I got a yellow check shirt dress which I originally wanted to wear with a belt and over the knee boots or chunky boots, but I also loved the fact I could tuck it into my leather pants and wear it that way. Shirts can literally be thrown on and they look awesome!

The jumper and denim skirt

I know it’s a little colder these days, but who can’t appreciate a casual denim skirt day! I don’t always feel like dressing up so I though a denim skirt and jumper is something chill but still girl that I could throw on for shopping or out for coffee with a friend. I just paired it with some white trainers and a belt. The green jumper ties in well with the blue shade of the skirt too.

The open shirt

This is my favourite look from the haul. I would never have usually picked a shirt like this but I was just drawn to it and fell in love! It came and it was soooo thick and warm. I like the quality of the material which is quite heavy and paired it with a khaki crop from primark and my isawitfirst chunky boots. I think the outfit speaks for itself! Love it!!

The tartan skirt

Okayyy girl! Tartan skirts are so funky and striking. It gives off very clueless/Bratz vibes. I just added a leather jacket, a belt, the chunky boots and a beret. It’s so fun to wear!

The satin look

I wanted to get an eveningwear look into the haul and I really liked the look of the satin items on the site. I decided to go for a corset body suit and a ruche mini skirt in this stunning olive green colour which just goes hand in hand. The 2 shades complement each other so well and the shiny look of the material would look awesome on a dance floor.

The raincoat and hat

I know this isn’t edgy as such but the tan A line skirt I bought was such a steal and went so well with my beige raincoat and brown boots. It is just the epitome of autumn and I feel so nice wearing it.

The leather jacket and wrap dress

I love the colour of my leopard print wrap dress. I knew boots and my leather jacket would really tie in with the black outline of the pattern and the result is flawless! 

I’m so pleased with all of my items. Which is your favourite? I’d love to hear from you!.

If you want to see the haul video and try on then just click here.

See you soon



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