I Saw It First Haul-Nov 18

I Saw It First Haul-Nov 18

Hello my lovelies, and welcome back to Tattiexo. As you’ll have seen on my Fashion/lifestyle Instagram account (“Tattiexo”), I’ve been so excited to do a fashion haul from “I Saw It First”.

I’m really excited because I’ve never done a haul from them before and I cant wait to show you what I got. I got a mixture of items to try and I’ll keep my faves (although that’s proving to be more difficult than I expected as I love them all).

This may seem like I’ve spent hundreds and hundreds, but actually, I got all of these items at HALF PRICE! How amazing is that?! That’s the thing I like about fast fashion brands, is that they have incredible offers on and make their products available to people who don’t have bags of disposable income. They really cater to what I like to call “fashionistas on a budget”. It’s also ideal if you’re a student as so many of their items are really affordable, and “I Saw It First” have free returns, so it makes it really easy to send things back if they aren’t quite right.

I usually wait until I’ve worn the outfits before I write the blog but because I was too excited I decided to do some flat lays, and you guys can also check out the haul video on my channel and keep an eye out for the pieces I bought on my fashion instagram account.

Without further ado, let’s tell you what I got:


Ok, so you guys know just how much I struggle to find boots to fit my short skinny legs. I managed to pick up a really cute pair of pointed stiletto lycra boots whit go over my knee and actually stay up! Even more impressive is that they don’t tie at the back. Yes they may sit higher on my thighs than say someone at 5’6 but they still look lovely and I love the added detail of the studs on the bottom. (It makes them a bit more unique than a plain boot). They should have been £50 and I got them at £25



-I saw so many dresses on the website. I found an absolutely stunning off cold shoulder dress which ties at the front. It’s a pencil dress and so looks nice and classy, and they also have it in loads of colours including red, mustard and baby Pink. It should have been £20 , and I got it for £10! What a bargain!!


-The next dress is a stunning blue off the shoulder dress with some gorgeous detailing on the bottom and top. On me it goes to just above my knees and fits really nice and snug on my body. I love the plunge detail at the front and the blue would look great next to any skin tone. Should have been £25 and it cost me £12.50.


-I got a really beautiful dress from the Demi Rose collection. Some may call it extra but I call it unique. It’s an applique dress with flower details on the front and some tassels along the bottom. I originally went to get the black dress but they ran out of my size so I thought I’d go for the cream/gold and it looks lovely. If you’re a bit daring then this is the ultimate party dress and it is definitely an eye catcher. It was £35 and I paid 17.50


-I got a white knitted dress which cost just £12.50 at half price. It has one sleeve, and on the sleeveless side, the dress cuts up to add some side leg detail. It looks amazing on, as I’ve seen a few people wearing it already, and it would look incredible with a bright red lipstick to add a little colour. They had it in black as well as the red, and just like the model, due to the holes in the dress, you’re best wearing same colour underwear to the dress so it doesn’t stick out like a sore thumb.


-I bought a lovely gold plunge dress with some ruffle details. On the model it was a mini dress, but when it came it was a maxi dress. That being said, I absolutely love it as a maxi dress and actually prefer it. The gold detail looks so nice and I love the leg slit. It does go high on me as I’m short so I’ll definitely need to wear underwear which doesn’t stick out. It is definitely a contender to wear at a new years ball, and my work Christmas party is a masquerade ball so I think I’m going to wear mine for that. I paid £12.50 as it was half price.



-I always say that we should have staple items in our wardrobe. One of which should be some black trousers. I found a lovely pair of black ones (but they have lots of other lovely colours) and it has a lovely belted detail. I was nervous as I’ve never bought trousers from here before and they don’t have a petite section (yet), but they fit fantastically well. They are high waisted too and can easily be worn both in the daytime and the night time! They should have been £28 and I got them for £14.


-I wanted to jump on the snakeprint bandwagon and got myself some wide leg snakeprint trousers. They not only fit me like a dream, but they feel like heaven to wear. I got the XS and they were £10 in the 50% off deal.


-I got myself a pair of wine coloured paperbag trousers. They have a corregated texture and the colour is incredible. I got a size 6 and anything bigger than that would have drowned me. While looking cropped/ankle graze on the model, they fit my legs like a normal pair of trousers which look just as good. They feel comfy and are easy to put on. I also think they could be quite warm to wear too. They should have been £32 and I got them half price.


-I got myself some light blue mom jeans with a ring accessory. Again like the above, they should have been cropped but are more ankle grazer/full leg on my. They feel comfy and I’m looking forward to wearing them as I’ve never had a mom jean before. They were £25 and I got them at £12.50.


-Another pair of paperbag trousers, I got some gorgeous blue tie waist jeans. Unfortunately they didn’t have a 6 and I liked them too much to pass so I got an 8. They fit the length of my leg fine and don’t look too big on me. They were just £15 in the offer.



-Bodysuits are so common nowadays. I got myself a stunning black lace one which goes very high on my hips. I would wear it in the evenings with some jeans or trousers and the number of colours “I Saw It First” had were incredible. I decided to go for black just because I thought that would go really well with some of my smart trousers. This was £12 in the offer. Next time I’ll definitely try a more daring colour.


-I got myself a leopard print body suit with cropped sleeves. This is one that is perfect as a “day to evening” item as you could literally go to work in it and then go for drinks in the evening. It looks lovely and leopard print and other animal prints are really in at the moment. At £12.50 on offer, it’s definitely affordable.

The fastener is also Velcro rather than the typical buttons so it may be easier from a practical point of view too if you need to go to the bathroom!


-I again found an item that didn’t have an XS but an S. It’s another lace bodysuit, this time in a stunning dark pink with tie up ribbon vest style arms. With the right makeup and cute pair of heels you could look so killer in this, and the colour would again complement so many skin tones. I paid £12 which is fab!



-I went for a cropped turtle neck burgundy jumper which cost me only £9. I think burgundy is such a perfect colour to wear over autumn and winter and just had to have it. Again if I want to go matching, I reckon my MAC diva lipstick would look so nice with this.


-More wool, I got a cute cold shoulder, jumper with brown buttons down the front. It looks lovely and cosy and

-Another cropped jumper, this time a beige colour. This jumper looks and feels incredible! You can wear it as a cold shoulder or one sided and would look so gorgeous with some high waisted trousers or jeans and maybe a cute pair of gold earrings! cost £15 but I paid half.




-I decided to be daring and try a yellow/mustard mini skirt. I thought if I was to go out in the evenings then this and a body suit and blazer would look lovely and even with some peep toe ankle boots. It just keeps it fresh and vibrant and I love how I Saw It First stock so many colours in their products. It cost £12 and like everything else I got it for half price.


-The last but not least I got a lovely beige denim skirt. I originally wanted a matching jacket but other people beat me to it. The skirt looks so cute and would again look lovely with some ankle boots and a top tucked in. Was £20 and I paid £10.


You guys seriously need to check out I Saw It First’s website as they have lots of amazing offers.

If you want to see me try these items on, then don’t forget to check out the video when I upload to my channel (likely Sunday), and to stay tuned on my fashion instagram for when I wear the outfit!

Hope it’s been insightful and stay tuned for more blog posts soon!

Love Natasha



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