Juvias place mini masquerade palette-Swatches

Juvias place mini masquerade palette-Swatches

Hey guys. I’m guessing you selected this post to as you like makeup like me! I managed to land myself an absolute bargain from BeautyBay and managed to get the new Juvias Place mini masquerade palette for HALF PRICE! Yes, you read correctly-half price, which means I only paid £15 for a palette! Even better, I got this with free tracked delivery. That’s why I love BeautyBay-you only have to spend £15 to get free shipping.

I’d wanted to try Juvias place for so long after hearing some amazing reviews online. I decided to get the mini palette since it was my first product from them, but to me it still feels full size as they’re roughly the same size as my MakeupGeek Pans.

Shade range:The palette has 16 absolutely STUNNING shades which I was drawn to. It is a mixture of shimmer tones and matte shades. In my video of swatches, you’ll see that the shimmer tones are more opaque than the matte shades, but all colours ere extremely pigmented and with little fallout.


Texture and using: The colours were a joy to work with, they picked up nicely on my brush and blended so well on my eyes. I recommend a patting motion for your main shimmer tones and circular blending motions for the matte shades.  I also found that the shadows stayed on my eyes all day and when washing off the swatches from my arm, it required a firmer rub-which shows how lasting the shadows are.

Packaging:The palette packaging is cardboard with no mirror, however it’s beautiful with the imagery on the front, and I love how each shadow has the name of the shade below it.


Favourite shades:My favourite colours included Giza which is a light white shimmery shade which is perfect for a brow arch or inner eye highlight, Casablanca was a stunning bronzed shade, and a gorgeous pigmented purple shade called Makeda.

Experimenting:I decided to make 2 quick vids of me experimenting with the palette when it first arrived. One is a pink look with a gold centre, and the second is a mixture of gold, brown and red tones with winged liner.

Video 1

Video 2

Video of swatches

I’d probably stick to around 3 shades for eyeshadow looks with this palette since the colours are so rich and bright. I will definitely be experimenting with the shades some more, so keep an eye out on my Tattiexo Instagram stories.

Is the palette for you: 

This palette is not for you if you:

  • Don’t like to experiment
  • Don’t like to be extra
  • Prefer matte eyeshadow shades
  • Don’t want their makeup to be too bright


This palette is for you if:

  • Love to wear bright shimmery tones
  • Prefer an instantly pigmented shade rather than building up
  • Want to do makeup quickly with pigmented, soft textured shadows
  • Like to experiment with interesting/unique makeup looks


Final thoughts: I personally think this palette is amazing, and especially for the price. I’d definitely recommend it if you love your shimmery shadows like me.

Keep an eye out for offers on their website and other stock holders, and I’d love to see your makeup looks!

Hope it’s been helpful

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