May 2019 Beauty Hits & Misses

May 2019 Beauty Hits & Misses

Hey Guys,

I decided to do my May beauty hits an misses post where I tell you the beauty products I’m either loving or hating right now.

I’d be really intrigued to hear whether or not you had the same opinion as me. Don’t hesitate to comment or get in touch as I love hearing from you!

Let’s get the negatives out of the way first:

  1. First up is the Co Lab dry shampoo that I picked up from Primark. It was super cheap and smells amazing but I just found that it didn’t work as well as other dry shampoos I’d tried and it was quite difficult to rub in. I also find other brands like Batiste gives me a bit of extra volume which I like and this product didn’t, and so for that reason I probably wouldn’t use it again.
  • Second is the NYX eyebrow cake powder. I was so excited to try this brow powder. I love the colours but I find that there’s just oo much fall out which makes it quite difficult and messy to apply. I also found the brush in the back to be really hard and scratchy. It’s a shame as the wax in it is really nice to use and the packaging is really lightweight.
  • Next is the Mac cosmetics risk taker palette which I swatched a while back on youtube. If you watched it you may remember that I found the shadows to be so light with barely any pigmentation and I thought it was just down to the eyeshadow being new. After using this palette quite a bit, I realized that it wasn’t that the shadows needed breaking in, it was just a really light palette. The shadows have a lot of fall out and aren’t as creamy and blendable as other mac eyeshadows that I’ve used before. I have to say I was quite disappointed with this palette and wouldn’t recommend buying it. No wonder it was discounted!
  • I was so excited to try the St. Tropez in shower gradual tan. It almost sounded too good to be true. It’s a great size product and easy enough to apply (thought I did get cold when waiting to wash it off), though I just couldn’t really see much change to the colour of my legs. I found the colour just too light and I worry that the product just washes away. It could be that I needed to use more product but after a few applications I concluded that it’s just too light for my skin tone. 

That concludes the misses for this month. Now time for all my beauty hits!

  1. The Ordinary Hyalauronic acid is one of my most loved products right now. Its super cheap and available at quite a few retailers such as CultBeauty. It doesn’t react to my sensitive skin, it has great hydrating qualities and the pipet allows you to get out the amount of product you want really easily. 
  • The Nivea Miscellair miscellar water is such a gentle and easy to use product. It removes my makeup effortlessly without me needing to scrub and rub really hard. This 400ml bottle will last you for ages and Nivea often have offers on too so that’s always a bonus. One tip I will say is pour gently as it can come out quite quick!
  • The Sanctuary Spa heel balm is a must have as we hit spring and summer. Wearing sandals and flip flops can dry your feet and cause dead skin on your heels. This heel balm is so gentle, lightweight and pretty quick absorbing too! I noticed a big difference after just one application and the fact you only need a tiny blob means that it will last you for ages.
  • Hoola caramel Bronzer-for those who read my blog post about my latest Benefit cosmetics goodies, you’ll have seen I recently managed to bag myself one of the new Hoola bronzers. This caramel colour is just gorgeous and gives you a really nice golden glow. Hoola is my favourite bronzer so the fact I now have another shade is just amazing. Using a nice sweep over your cheek bones gives you a nice sunkissed look! I can’t wait to use it more over the next couple of months!
  • The John Freida Frizz ease nourishing elixir is a need for your hair product cabinet. I like the fact that it can be used on wet and dry hair to control flyaways though I recommend being really careful with the amount of product as you don’t want to make your hair greasy. The bottle lasts literally forever and it’s really cheap and affordable! Winner!
  • The final hit of the month is my Lancome Grandiose mascara in shade 1-I found the bent brush so easy to use and the brush with varied length bristles applied my mascara so well! It applies clump free and you have to admit the bottle looks so nice too! I’m such a sucker for nice packaging. I would 100% buy this amazing mascara again and definitely recommend you try it!

So that’s my beauty hits and misses for May. Here’s the link to the youtube video so you can see each item closer.

As I said before don’t hesitate to get in touch as I’d love to hear your opinion of these products!

See you soon



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