Morphe Day Slayer palette review

Morphe Day Slayer palette review

Day slayer

Hey everyone,

As you may have seen on my Youtube account I recently released a video where I swatched my new morphe “Day Slayer” palette.

It is my very first eyeshadow palette from Morphe so of course I was really excited to try it. And guess what-it only cost me £15 which is a bargain compared to most of my eyeshadow palettes.

I bought mine from “Beauty Bay” and a cheeky pair of falsies, but you can also get it from the morphe website direct.

I was debating getting the “nightmaster” palette as that had much more of a varied colour range, however I thought I’d try the “Day Slayer” since I just love my warm tones and find them extremely wearable.

Night master
Day slayer






I love the fact that in the palette there’s a variety of shimmer and matte shadows as I usually like to mix it up. For the shimmer shadows, the swatches were more translucent than the matte shades, but you could easily use a liquid solution to build up the intensity, or more applications.

Bottom row to top row (right to left)

Of the 3 rows, the first row was my favourite as I just love the beiges and oranges for my transition shades. I tend to only have a hint od the darker shades unless I’m going full on smoky eyes for a night in the city.

My favourite shades out of the palette are:

-in the crease

-bronze beauty




(but I honestly love them all!)

I found that some of the shades reminded me of some featured in the naked heat palette by urban decay (which is one of my all time favourite makeup brands) like sauced, ember, low blow and dirty talk.

I think the Morphe palette packaging is fantastically robust and wouldn’t be nervous one bit to have it in my travel makeup bag. There’s literally nothing worse than worrying that when you open up your makeup bag that all your powder products would be cracked but the packaging is great.

I also really love the large mirror because it’s perfect for doing the rest of your makeup, especially on the move! In addition, the palette actually has all of the shade names on the plastic, not on the film like most other palettes. This is fab because you can always know which shade you’re using, and really useful for if you give makeup tutorials!

The price, the shades, the wearability and buildability of this palette are seriously awesome and so glad I bought it. I do feel a lot of people may want to use other palettes/shadows if they don’t want to stick to orange/beige and brown tones solely, but this is a palette that you could just pic 2 or 3 shades per look.

Morphe are a serious contender and definitely will be trying more of their products in the future.

Have any of you guys tried any of their eyeshadow palettes and recommend it? Please do get in touch, I love hearing your opinions

Speak soon



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