My August Beauty Favourites

My August Beauty Favourites

I get asked a lot what my favourite makeup items are. I don’t buy makeup every week but I do have a few favourites:

Foundation:Urban Decay Naked skin-it is very light but still light to medium coverage so doesn’t hide thinks like spots too well, it blends really easily but if I have a patch of dry skin I tend not to use it. Really keen to try the all nighter foundation as that is higher coverage and lasts longer

Price : £28.50


Eyeshadow:I am really loving the naked heat palette by urban decay. I swore nothing could remove the naked 3 from its top position but it’s a really close call for me. I am in love with the colour “fuego”, plus the warm tones look fantastic.

Price: £39.50 but sometimes Debenhams has extra discount


Lipstick:I think the nyx lipsticks are fantastic value for what they are. I own about four but the colour “Indian Pink” has made a few appearances the past few weeks because it is so lovey and summery.

Price: £3.50


Blush:I love blushes but a super cheap one that is really quite pigmented is the baked “Loved the best” blush. It is sooo cheap and one that you could bring on holiday/out and about because if you lose it, you won’t be breaking the bank to replace it.

Price: £2.50


Eyeliner:I love my black eyeliners and I am so obsessed with lord and berry khol pencil. It is the darkest black eyeliner I have ever owned, it goes onto my waterline really easily without the need to do like 3 layers and it’s not too expensive either. I got mine from “Sally Beauty”, but it s also available on amazon, Boots, and Birchbox.

Price: £13


Brows:I have some bald patched in my brows and I recently treated myself to the Kat Von D signature precision brow pencil from Debenhams. I got the colour “Walnut” because I have quite dark (almost black) brow hairs and I wanted something that was fine enough to fill in those patches. I’ve only used it a couple of times, but I am really liking it so far. I am also very very keen to try the tattoo black eyeliner pen, and also the “Lock it” concealer. At the moment you can get the tenth anniversary range which comes in some cool golden packaging.

Price: £17.50

These are my may faves, would love to hear what yours are. I absolutely love sharing favourite products and hearing why.

Keep an eye out for my next post,


Tattie xo

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