Naavi Hair Oils review

Naavi Hair Oils review

Hey darlings,

I thought I’d write a little review on some new hair oils that I was sent from which was set up by a lady named Ram to create great smelling anti frizz products. She couldn’t find oils that smelled nice but worked well; so she decided to create her own!

She has 4 flavours of hair oils currently on site costing between £28 and £32 for 30ml which would last for ages.

The flavours include:

-Jasmine –

-Vanilla and Jasmine –


-Ylang Ylang and Rose –

I received the Ylang Ylang and rose and the vanilla one. There was no excessive packaging just the label and a pump with a nice secure lid. 

You can either rub them on the ends of dry hair or rub onto the scalp, leave for a few minutes and wash them out. I rubbed it into the ends of my hair as I didn’t want to cover my psoriasis on my scalp at the minute as it’s a little sensitive. I found the oils a lot looser and runnier than other oils I’ve tried and found it much easier to run over my hair. I did put a little on the frizz on the top of my head (which is the worst area for fly always for me) and smoothed down those little hairs so they didn’t stick out quite so much).

The oils smell nice and not too overpowering which is good. So far I’m enjoying using them. Do you guys use hair oils? would you give these ones a try? I’d love to hear from you!

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