Primark Haul Oct 18

Primark Haul Oct 18

Hey guys,

So I basically wanted to write a blog post about my most recent primark haul that I uploaded on youtube the other week. I picked up some amazing winter and autumn steals! The thing I love about Pimark is that despite being on a budget, you can still have the most up to date styles. Yeah it may not be cashmere, but if you’re one to change round your wardrobe frequently then it doesn’t really matter.

I noticed the HUGE variety of colour in store-which is practically what the next seasons involve, particularly autumn.

You don’t have to look plain and boring even though it’s cold, add some attitude to your wardrobe! Believe me a patterned jumper or a pop of colour go a long way!


White and pink winter hat- One Size – £3

This is all you want in a winter hat if you’re a girly girl. It’s light, it’s fun, and the pink bobble is so CUTE! The hat is just perfect on those extra cold frosty days, and they also have matching gloves which is amazing if you like to coord your accessories. Not only is it practical, but adds to the outfit. It would look really nice with a light coloured coat or white fur jacket to really tie in with the lightness of the hat.

Black beret – One size – £4

I never usually buy hats as I really don’t think I suit them having such a small head and oval face, but I’d thought I’d give this beret a go as they do look really nice on some people. I was spoilt by choice by the greys and pinks, and even a reall cute cream and brown hybrid one with a bow on the front; however thos being my first I thought I’d go for the classic black. The thing with autumn wardrobes is that accessories are your best friend and this is no exception. 

Black goes with anything so I thought if I had some base items like a beret, or a turtle neck jumper, then I can add my colours from waistcoats, skirts, bags, scarves etc.

I’d always wear this beret with my hair down or at least a side ponytail as the way it sits would just be impractical for a bun or ponytail to be sticking out at the back.

If you’re bold and like to stand out though, red beret look absolutely gorgeous and would be the perfect way to scream a bit of attitude when you’re out and about! Go check them out, and wear it with style!



Double sided tartan and leopard print scarf – One Size – £8

I wear my scarf year round; as crazy as it sounds. I just cannot bear my neck to be cold. I saw the double sided scarf range and just had to get one. Not only do they feel so incredibly warm, but they also look really nice. I was so torn between this and about 4 others. The reason I picked this particular one is that the colours are neutral enough to go with a lot of things, but interesting enough to draw attention, plus, due to my excessive scarf wearing, the double-sided element means that I don’t look like I’m always wearing the same one. I can now just mix and batch between the designs. Seriously, go and browse the scarves in Primark, you won’t be disappointed.



Cream faux fur and knit gillet – XS – £13

For me anything fur can be hit or miss due to some people looking like the garment is wearing them, rather than them wearing it and looking fierce.

The fur on this gilet is flat enough to not look like you’re 2 sizes bigger, but thick enough to not look shabby and thin like all the hairs had fallen off.

They had it in black too which looked really nice, and I really liked the wolly back and the fur just being on the front. It was really nice and warm on the body, and looked lovely (I received lots of compliments) but just be mindful that the fur does pull out so if like me you want to wear black underneath, remember to lint roll when you get home!



Black polo neck jumper -XS -£6

Like I mentioned earlier, you absolutely NEED staple items in your wardrobe that are white/cream, black/grey and plain so that you can add accessories, textured elements and colours on top. Whether you want a waistcoat or a poppin’ pair of boots, or a cute coloured skirt, the turtleneck is a must!

The black one I bought was very nice and comfortable, was not too tight on the arms at all and was nor restrictive in the slightest. Added plus is that I made the schoolboy error of doing my makeup before putting it on, but luckily the stretch qualities of the fabric meant that I could do a quick pull (with the help of bae hahaha) and I was through without smudging my makeup.  Go get a couple and then get yourself some lovely jackets, bags etc to style it up!

Lilac skin tight jumper – XS – £8

I fell in love with the colour of this jumper as soon as I laid eyes on it. I love the higher neckline and I also loved the ribbed skin fit style.

I thought the jumper was very strety and wasn’t as tight as I expected, however it still looked lovely, felt warm enough and just added some energy to my outfit. Lilacs and purples are definitely lacking in my wardrobe, so I just wanted something to expand the mix. Primark didn’t disappoint and you can get a whole array of others!

Tartan shirt – XS – £7

For the days you can’t be bothered but don’t want to just stick a pair of leggings a vest and uggs, you can go for a quick and easy shirt and jeans combo. Paired with converse, vans, boots etc, you can still look stylish without actually trying at all. Mine was only £7 and what a bargain! I will definitely get my wear out of it, and I love how the navy element will tie in with blue jeans!


Yellow side button suede skirt – Size 4 – £8

If you’d have asked me a year ago would I ever wear a yellow skirt, I’d probably have laughed as I thought I would never suit that, but for those of you watching my videos and following my Instagram account (tattie account not Natasha account) you’ll have seen that I’ve really been trying to expand my range and push myself to try things I wouldn’t normally get. I’ve actually got a couple of yellow/mustard thigs now.

I just love everything about this skirt, the side buttons, the lovely mustard colour and the soft suedette material! I got a 4 as I wanted a really snug finish since I practically don’t have bum (my sister laughs her head off at me), and it didn’t disappoint. In retrospect I’d have bought a 6 just for extra room (particularly after a big meal-you know I love my food!), but it just looked and felt amazing. I just felt so stylish and vibrant when wearing it and so many people were commenting and telling me how good it looks. Seriously a beret, over the knee boots (yasss I finally got myself a pair for my short skinny legs from Michael Kors-pricey but after years of searching I just had to get them), and cute skirt is just the perfect autumn outfit. You don’t even have to get yellow, primark are brimming with tonnes of amazing colours to suit your style!


Burgundy belted skirt -Size 4 – £10

A few weeks ago I got a lovely khaki skirt from newlook which got so many likes, so I thought I’d try another colour and found this amazing burgundy one in primark that was soooo similar. I’m really digging burgundy recently as it just looks incredible and I can wear my MAC diva lipstick too. The belt buckle looks cute and the fabric was easy to walk in and felt nice to wear.



Lilac smart trouser – Size 4 – £13

For any of you girls who love to go out in the evenings, you may want to consider a smart trouser as opposed to a mini skirt or short dress. I personally prefer them as A they’re way comfier, B, look amazing, C they’re warmer. The colour of these trousers are again so eye catching and they have other colours too! I love the tie waist belt, as if there’s no elasticated waist, you may want to make them tighter. The belt also looks cute too. With a body suit, clutch bag, platform heels/closed toe heels (to not get wet if it rains)-you’re hot to trot! The classy look is definitely just as sexy as any short dress.


Light grey shirt wooly dress – 2XS – £15

The final item is this gorgeous work appropriate jumper dress. I haven’t stopped wearing it since my new job. The zip at the back feels sturdy, it’s honestly so warm and comfy I cannot even explain. I’ve worn it like 4 times since and I can’t get enough! They have other wooly dresses too including skater style ones, so if you want a conservative, yet really cute dress then go treat yoself! 


I hope that’s been helpful guys. For any items not on the pics in the post, then make sure to check out my video!

Thanks as always




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