Reviewing Bioderma Skincare

Reviewing Bioderma Skincare

Hey lovelies,

I am really digging my skincare items right now and I’m always open to trying new brands. My latest addition to my skincare collection is Bioderma who kindly send me a few of their skincare goodies to review.

I have really sensitive skin as you know and I also struggle with Psoriasis, so I have to be extremely careful with the products I use. I tend to go for gentle and unscented products. I was delighted to find Bioderma had sent me some items from their sensitive range “Sensibo”.

I was sent a mild cleansing gel, a makeup removing miscellar water, an eye contour gel and a blemish shine control treatment for acne prone skin.

I have been using every product they sent me with the exception of the blemish shine control treatment since my skin hasn’t had any breakouts and I want to use it just when I need it.

The cleansing gel was really nice and gentle and I really like the pump on the bottle. It lathers quite well and didn’t irritate my skin. I used a facecloth when I was washing my face which helped me spread the facewash all over my face and neck. After my skin was nice and soft which is even better. 

The miscellar water was equally as good and was nice and gentle as well and removed my makeup really easily. I used mine with my re-usable cotton pads. I found that using miscellar water and then the cleansing gel on the days when I had heavier makeup worked really well. (a bit of a double cleanse). 

Finally the eye gel, I used this once a day after I had washed my face and like the other products it was again, really gentle. It definitely did what the box said and hydrated and moisturised my undereye (and I also found that my makeup sat better when I had had the eye cream on!). 

Overall I’m really impressed with these products and haven’t had any problems or reactions with any of them. It definitely has made me want to look at their other products.

If you are interested in taking a try for yourselves, you can shop them online at places like Boots, Look fantastic and direct from their website. I recommend shopping in the range for your skin type as then you will get a more tailored skincare routine. For me it’s the sensibo range but there’s tonnes of others to select from. It’s also really affordable which is even better. They also have a babycare and a suncare range too. 

I’d love to hear your opinions if you do try this brand so do get in touch and let me know.

If there’s any other brand you want me to try then let me know.

As always thank you for reading

See you next time

Natasha xo

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