River Island Autumn/Winter warmers!

River Island Autumn/Winter warmers!

Hey lovelies,

I’m doing another fashion post because I’m seriously loving picking up some winter clothes. I hate the cold, but at least I can wear some nice outfits still!

Anyone who knows me, knows that I’m a HUGE fan of river island and it is one of my favourite shops on the high street.

I admit it is one of the more expensive shops, so I have to save and treat myself, but the quality is really good and I have some products from here that I’ve had for years and are still in excellent condition.

You may think I’m buying loads, but I have given sooooo many things to charity and it makes me feel good as I know for a fact other people will enjoy them more than me. I’ll be wearing all my new stuff. I made a video showing the items so don’t hesitate to check it out. 

The first item I bought was a scarf. Yes, it’s quite expensive at £18 but honestly, this scarf is just so nice and warm and thick, and the beige with a hint of pink just looks lovely. Unfortunately, the photo doesn’t do it justice as it actually looked a lot nicer in person. It doesn’t feel itchy at all and the stiffness of the material makes it look a higher quality.

Here’s the link: https://www.riverisland.com/p/beige-check-print-scarf-722185

The next Item I got was this amazing light grey coat which looks like a suedette shearling coat. It feels so incredibly soft and the colour is amazing. Even the arms are lined, and it will keep you warm over winter. My one dislike is that the coat doesn’t fasten, it is designed to hang open which is why there’s all the added warmth. That being said, it still looks amazing!

It may be worth buying yourself a fabric protection spray just to look after the fabric more.It cost £85 and here’s the link:



I got a really cute ribbed pink jumper. I fell in love with the colour and the beaded pearl detail on the neck and cuffs. It felt warm but it is a little pricey at £28, but it is definitely better quality than some other retailers.

Here’s the link: https://www.riverisland.com/c/women/knitwear#product-gone:true

Another top I got was a lovely cream turtle neck vest for £18. I just can’t get enough of staple items like a plain turtle neck to add accessories to. It was lovely and fitted and the turtle neck will keep my neck warm. I could wear it with a tonne of stuff like jeans, smart trousers, skirts etc. It’s perfect for what I need, and the cream colour is so nice. Here’s the link: https://www.riverisland.com/p/cream-knit-ribbed-roll-neck-sleeveless-top-722047


I got 2 pairs of skinny jeans. One black pair for £35 in a 6s and another light blue pair for £42 in a 6 reg which actually fit. I’m a huge fan of river island for jeans as the quality is amazing and they actually have petite options which fit my skinny legs.

Here are the links: https://www.riverisland.com/p/blue-amelie-ripped-super-skinny-jeans-720439



I got another jumper which is gold and sparkly. It cost me £34 and it says “Sparkle”. It wasn’t itchy but felt itchier than the other tops I bought but looks amazing and is perfect to wear over the festive season.


I really love getting tshirts with slogans on so I found one in the petite section (size 8) which says “feel good” in gold leopard print letters. You could accessorise the hell out of it with gold jewellery and tuck it into a skirt or some jeans. In retrospect I may have gotten a 6 rather than an 8 just because I like a more fitted look.



Another T-shirt, this time it has a metallic foil finish. It’s black and silver leopard print. It was thin material so you may need a leather jacket or something for a bit more warmth. It was £26 and felt really nice to wear. Here’s the link: https://www.riverisland.com/p/petite-white-feel-good-print-t-shirt-728396

I got a black leather skirt with some gold zips one down the front and 2 for the pockets. I got a 6 but wasn’t sure if it suited me despite fitting really well. If leather is something you like to wear then you should definitely go and check out their leather skirt section. They also have it in a brown colour but in person I preferred the black.



The final item of the bunch and my favourite is a pair of military style wide leg beige trousers. I absolutely love them and I’m so happy they fit considering they aren’t from the petite section. The gold buttons are lovely and beig is something  a bit different for me as I don’t often wear it. They look incredible and are an option to wear in the evenings over these colder months rather than a skirt or dress.

They were £40 which is quite pricey, but the quality feels good and thet just look stunning.


Did you guys like any of these? Have you bought anything from here recently? Don’t hesitate to get in touch.

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