River Island haul Aug 18

River Island haul Aug 18

Hey everyone so as you may have seen on my youtube channel I recently had a cheeky visit to river island and bought a few items! Here’s the video!

I’m actually really impressed with some of their stuff. I think that out of other high street shop, this is in the higher price side, however also a better quality too. I really like a lot of the shoes and swimwear but often try to hold out to get a bargain from their sales.

These are the items I bought:

  • Black peplum top-size 6 £20

I found this top fit really well and the material felt really nice. I loved the button detail down the front and it was really easy to unbutton and re-button. You could wear this with so many things and really build up the outfit with accessories.

  • Black and white striped trouser – size 6 £28

These trousers were so comfy, and surprisingly fit my leg despite not being from the petite section. This and the black peplum top suit really well, especially with red lipstick for a pop of colour.

  • Petite Black and white flared sleeve striped blouse -size 4 £32

I was so glad that I got a size 4 because I felt the size 6 may have been a little big round the cleavage section. The blouse was really comfy and again a pop of colour on my lips would make the outfit really stand out. I have been really liking trying flared sleeves and actually find them really comfortable, and I really like how snug the petite clothes fit.

  • Black petite tie waisted tapered trouser -size 6 -£36

First of all, one the comfiest trousers I’ve ever worn! I love the elasticated waist and the tie belt, and the length are perfect if you’re a petite girl looking for a cropped trouser. I could wear these day or night too which means I’ll definitely get my wear out of them and again, can add accessories to build up my desired look.

  • Baby blue ruffled sleeve blazer-size 6 -£30 sale

The colour of this blazer is absolutely beautiful! The sleeves were ruffled and make it a little less formal, but still really nice and classy. You could easily wear this with some jeans and a plain bodysuit or top and look like you have made an effort without looking like you were trying too hard. The fact it was half price too is amazing.


  • Black and white tweed jacket- size 6- £68

I have to admit that this jacket was quite expensive but surprisingly quite warm and something a bit different. People used to think of tweed as an old fogie type material but I actually think that if worn right, then it can look really nice and stylish. I would actually love to get a matching skirt and jacket two piece soon. The golden buttons are lovely but I wouldn’t wear it buttoned as I think it looks perfect open, and definitely to be worn with plain clothes as the focal point of the outfit is definitely the jacket.

  • White tee with black writing-size 8 £7 sale

I just love this t-shirt. It reads “if the love doesn’t feel like 90’s R n B I don’t want it” -how awesome?!  I am so glad I got an 8 because it was actually quite a snug fit. Perfect with some jeans, you could wear this to practically any casual setting. Also can’t beat a bargain from the sale rail!

  • Yellow wrap top-size 6 £35

I originally thought this was a playsuit in the shop so was a bit disappointed to discover it was a top when I got home. I felt that the fitting was a little bit big for a size 6 but it was comfy enough and I loved the flared sleeves.

  • Pink flowered crop top -size 6- £30

I really like the colour and detail of this top, however the top came to a part of my stomach that I wasn’t entirely comfortable with just because it showed some of my belly button and not all of it. I usually prefer it to hide my belly button or be above it (not half and half). The length didn’t look quite right on me. I think it is because I have quite a short torso. When I wore it, I did forget about the length and did actually quite like it. The sleeves were just beautiful and I’m a huge fan of the applique detail and side zipper.

  • Tweed jegging-size 6R-£46

These jeggings weren’t even from the petite section and actually fit my leg length! Alleluia! They fit absolutely perfectly; not to big, not too tight. The tweed detail was gorgeous and the colour was lovely, however at £46 it is quite a lot of money  to pay for a pair of jeggings. That being said, they felt a really good quality and quite nice and warm too.

  • Denim embroidered tie front shirt-size 6 regular fit £15

I would never usually pick something like this, but I saw it in the sale and liked it. It’s like a wrap front shirt and the big flared sleeves just added that bit of unique detail. I haven’t worn it yet but may be tempted to wear it denim on denim 😉

  • Red paper bag skirt-size 6 £36

I again wanted to try something I wouldn’t usually pick, and was brave buying a red leather skirt. The size was perfect, and the inside was like a suedette which was lovely and warm. (You know I’m the annoying one who is always cold!). The elasticated waist was much needed, the belt buckle was lovely, and the pockets were a nice size.

Overall, I’m really impressed with what I bought but the product that most impressed me had to be the jeggings because they were just a lovely fit.

Do you guys like to shop at river island? Don’t hesitate to get in touch and check out the video too.

Thanks everyone



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