Tailored outfit inspiration- Spring 2020

Tailored outfit inspiration- Spring 2020

Hello darlings,

Welcome back to my blog! You’ll notice from the title that I want to share with you some STUNNING and more importantly affordable tailored looks with you. I recently released a video on my channel with the haul and try on of all of those items, but I also wanted to write about my outfits on here.

The first outfit is a mixture of pirate and clueless vibes all in one go! I decided to pair a leather look pleat skirt with this striking puffy sleeved white shirt. Black and white go together really well and I feel that the addition of the black heels and bag tie it all together. It’s definitely an eye catcher and really nice to wear!

I wanted to show that tailored outfits don’t have to be pure office wear and formal so I paired a t shirt, cycling shorts and a beige blazer together and added sunglasses, a belt and some chunky boots to dress this look down a little. It looks smart yet causal and gives off an edgy vibe which you guys know I love!

Check trousers are a plenty in my wardrobe so one more pair can’t hurt! They’re so versatile and can be dressed up and down for both the daytime and the evening time. I wanted a warmer look, so I added my cream turtleneck, some ankle boots and my black overcoat. I also thought the beret was a nice little touch!

Tailored trousers are one of my favourite items to wear and finding a pair to fit my short body can sometimes prove troublesome. This white pair did not disappoint, and the chunky white belt just added to the perfection. As we approach spring and summer shirts can feel a bit hot so I thought a nice coral organza blouse would go really well with this! Again, you can dress these items up or down to match the occasion.

I really like my puffy sleeves so I thought a nice black cardigan would be perfect. The material feels nice and the gold buttons make it look more expensive. In this look I wanted to wear it all black to make it a bit more dramatic. What do you guys think?

I never had a cape blazer before, so I really wanted to give one a go. I actually really liked it and I thought by picking a nice pastel blue rather than my usual white of black blazer would brighten up my wardrobe. It didn’t disappoint and I really enjoyed wearing it!

Shirt tops are always a nice item to have and again, in keeping with my love of black and white outfits I got a nice splodge print and wore it with my leather trousers. The top had a peplum feel to it which was quite difference and I love the shirt sleeves!

Shirt dresses are everywhere right now so I wanted a nice black one that I could accessorise and change up to match where I was going. This lovely belted option was just perfect and didn’t drown my short body. It was very nice and light, so I’ll definitely be wearing that over the next few months!

Leather skirts are so sexy to wear so I wore that with the same shirt as my firs outfit but in black. I liked the shirt so much so I got both colours. The belt really tied into this outfit and the frill on the bottom made it that extra bit girlier which I love! I felt so confident wearing it and the shirt wasn’t too overwhelming to wear either which is great!

I got a lime green crop top to wear with my belted shorts which are so easy to throw on. The top was incredibly soft and I thought by adding a sheer tight, my legs would look longer which they did! 

I saw this brown/beige mini skirt and I really liked it. I yet again went for more of an edgy feel and casual look by adding a choker and a bodysuit. It clung to my body really well and you could always add a pair of fishnets for a little extra gothiness!

What do you guys think of these looks? I can’t decide which is my favourite. If you want to check out my video here’s the link! All of the items are from I saw it first and every item I bought are in the description box of the video and the size I bought them in.

Hoped you enjoyed reading this and that it gave you some outfit inspo!

See you soon


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