The struggles of short girl shopping

The struggles of short girl shopping


What is petite? – some girls aren’t blessed with supermodel legs and bodies that just fit most retailers. We all come in different shapes and sizes, and petite sections have recognised a gap in the market for girls/women sized 5”3 and below. (similar to the Olsen’s and Kim K).

Being 5 foot 3, I know that it isn’t always easy to buy clothes if you’re short. I recall once buying a pair of size 8 trousers online and no joke, the trousers fit the length of my entire body, the waistline was at my neck!! I couldn’t believe it!

Here’s some of the things I’ve noticed about having a shorter leg:

  • You could cut off the bottom (but it only really works with jeans without looking like a dog has eaten them)


  • You could take up the trousers (but sometimes that is more expensive than the actual cost of the trousers, you have to wait for them, the seamstress could mess it up, you shouldn’t have to do this for all your outfits


  • You could turn them up, but sometimes it looks too chunky the more you need to turn up


  • You have to buy a cropped trouser just for the trousers to fit the size of your leg


  • Sometimes you see a dress online which is like a mini dress, but it hangs over the knee!


  • Some girls are blessed with a booty (mine’s on the flat size-need to get the squats in!), so buying smaller sized jeans to fit leg width doesn’t work because their butt can’t fit in


  • You HAVE to try on outfits before a big event for fear it will look too baggy/long/stupid on you


  • Buying smart clothes-particularly trouser suits is soo difficult! A few retailers who have petite workwear: Debenhams, next, Dorothy Perkins


  • Buying over the knee boots seems like an almost impossible task as it goes too high up your thigh and you can’t see any leg between the top of the boot and your skirt or dress. Plus an added struggle for me is that my legs are super thin so my search for an OTN boot is ongoing (any suggestions welcome). My closest fit is Dune.

There are a tonne more and I’d love to hear your stories, scenarios.

**on the plus side we sometimes fit kids clothes which is a little cheaper! (I also confess to owning a pair of kids Nike gym trainers which were a bargain!)

Here are some retailers that do have a petite section (some are limited but it’s still an option:

-PLT (pretty little thing)



-River Island

-Dorothy Perkins

-Miss Selfridge

-Topshop (get a lot of jeans from here)



-New look


I recently made a video of 5 petite suitable topshop items and not all of them were from the petite section. I’m going to make a huge effort to share all my petite appropriate finds so make sure to stay tuned on my instagram accounts, pinterest, and of course youtube where I will try them all on for you.

If anyone has any tips/hacks other retailers that have petite fittings then please get in touch!

Speak soon


Tattie xo



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