Things I’ve learned in my 20s

Things I’ve learned in my 20s

Hey dolls, it’s officially time. I’m nearing 30! And in light of the occasion I decided I’m going to reflect on a few things I’ve learned in my twenties… 

-having a smaller group of friends is totally normal. Over the years you find out who can really be trusted. The sad truth is that there really aren’t many nice girls our there, but when you do find one, make sure to make the effort and look after that friendship. While thinking you don’t have many people in your life can make you sad, surely you’d rather have a small group of genuine people than a gang of fake snakes? I also want to also add that a LOT if human beings are very selfish, so take a leaf out of their book and start putting yourself first more regularly

-I feel like we were always told to work hard and prepare for retirement but I’ve realised that I’d rather get some life experience and travel and do and see things than do up my house and be a slave to saving. Picking doing travel over decorating my home is one of the best choices I made and i will literally never regret travel. After all, those are the memories you’ll reflect on in later life

-while sometimes it can feel hard I actually feel spending time alone is quite refreshing and it is a way to figure out things about yourself and what you enjoy doing. I want to fully appreciate the time alone I have now because I know that all changes when you become a parent

-not being a big drinker isn’t something to be embarrassed about. I used to be really self conscious and afraid to tell people for fear of being judged but now I own it. The reason for being nervous/afraid is the fact I’ve actually had people ghost me (when trying to make friends) because I’m not a big drinker. And that’s me still drinking and having social drinks rather than just getting drunk every time. It’s almost like people can’t comprehend that there’s more to life than getting smashed every weekend which is so narrow minded. I’d rather have life experience and spend money on travel or eating out than clubbing every weekend but each to their own.

-Burnout is not a badge. I feel like we were all sold this dream of working hard to become super successful and while I really agree with it, sometimes I realise that working too hard and much can cause serious mental health issues or burnout. I’ve been the girl who works extra hours, volunteers, tries to get extra credit, but in the grand scheme of things (especially at a cost to your health and when it’s not recognised) then it isn’t worth it

-this is a big one for me- comparing yourself to others will make you miserable. I can’t even put into words how important this one is. As someone who has escaped a horrific set of circumstances and who is on her own, comparing myself to people who had a supportive family and who were fed enough and who has lots of friends isn’t right. Rather on dwelling on what I do have, I should focus on the positive which is the fact I’ve managed to achieve relative success against the odds when my path could have been a very different one. Whether you’re wondering if you should have bought a house yet, or had kids yet, or got married yet, remember it’s your life, you write it. You just do you, and what’s right for you. if you don’t , you may resent or regret it

-cheesy as hell but trust your gut! Most times if something doesn’t feel quite right then it’s probably a warning sign!

-BE HAPPY! Do whatever you want to do, live life the way you want to live. It’s your story, you get to decide what happens.

So that’s a little summary of what I’ve learned/realised in my twenties. Did you discover any of the same things? Let me know!

see you next time



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