Affordable fashion retailers

Affordable fashion retailers

As you all know, I absolutely love to find fashion steals, so I am just making a list of some sites where you can get amazing items on a budget:

  • Obviously “Primark” although you can’t buy the products online, you can look at new releases online and on their Instagram page. Primark is just amazing with styles and colours to suit all tastes. From pyjamas, to jewellery to homeware-it’s hard to go into primary without leaving with a basket full of goodies!
  • I saw it first – this is one of the newer fast fashion online brands and i really like it. They have new collections all the time and there’s always an offer with a discount code that you can use for further discount! Take a look at my I saw it first haul videos on my channel. I also have a couple of blog posts about some hauls too so take a read..
  • Boohoo are the king of fast fashion. They have both mens and women and you can get a last minute outfit with them so easily!
  • PLT and MissGuided-both have promotions on all the time and sometimes free shipping which always helps. Plus misguided now have some items available to buy in “office” and Selfridges. I found this especially useful for trying on shoes as I can’t always guarantee if they’ll fit properly if I buy online. That’s the joy of having half sized feed and a slim foot!

  • Dorothy Perkins-I genuinely think Dorothy Perkins is so underrated. Their stuff isn’t too expensive, and they have petite clothes too!!! I get most of my work wear items from here as buying proper fitting smart trousers can be a challenge at other shops.
  • Everything five as you can guess it’s all in the name. If you just need to get a quick outfit together you don’t have to break the bank! I got a pair of wedges from hear and have not stopped wearing them. They’re so easy to wear and I get a lot of compliments every time i wear them-not bad for a fiver!
  • Select fashion have both stores and a website to shop from. They are really affordable and have clothes, shoes and a small ange of accessories too. I don’t buy from here too often but lots of my friends do and they love it.

Bargain fashion is all the rage right now. It’s nice to see that retailers have recognised that we aren’t all uber rich and have daddy’s credit card to splurge on, or that we all don’t have a load of disposable income each month.

If you’re a student keep an eye out for student discount too as that can get you additional discount from your order-every little helps!

Happy shopping guys and if you find any other websites that I haven’t mentioned then make sure you share!

See you next post


Tattie xo

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