Where To Find Fashion Bargains

Where To Find Fashion Bargains

As you all know, I absolutely love to find fashion steals, so I am just making a list of some sites where you can get amazing things on a budget:

  • Obviously “Primark” although you can’t buy the products online, you can look at new releases online and on their Instagram page


  • I saw it first (and they always have voucher codes, so you can save a tonne)


  • Boohoo have some real steals


  • PLT and MissGuided-both have promotions on all the time and sometimes free shipping which always helps. Plus misguided now have some items available to buy in “office” and Selfridges

  • Dorothy Perkins-I genuinely thing Dorothy Perkins is underrated. Their stuff isn’t too expensive, and they have petite clothes!!! Something which isn’t too easy to find!


  • Everything five pounds.com as you can guess it’s all in the name. If you just need to get a quick outfit together you don’t have to break the bank!


  • Misspap have some really good deals on too and I really like a lot of their dress styles


  • Select fashion have some cheap clothes and accessories too and they have a store as well as a website

Bargain fashion is all the rave since fashion retailers understand that we all don’t have infinite disposable income, or we don’t all have families to buy us things. It’s great that they have recognised that uni students want outfits that they can wear just a few times, or just buy some clothes even with a small remaining out of their student loan. On top of this these retailers may have student discount too. So you really can get some absolute bargains! If you do need student discount then just make sure you have subscribed to websites like student beans which collaborate with loads of companies!

Happy shopping guys and if you find any other websites that I haven’t mentioned then make sure you share!

See you next post


Tattie xo

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