Why Manilife is my new fave peanut butter!

Why Manilife is my new fave peanut butter!

Hello guys, welcome back. As your typical sweet tooth, I’m absolutely obsessed with peanut butter. Whether it’s good old PBJ sandwiches, satay chicken or classic eating out the jar- I’m there.

I was kindly sent a box of peanut butter from a new brand called Manilife the other week and ever since trying it I’ve been utterly obsessed. At first I was thinking, what could make these peanut butters special? I’ve tasted tonnes of them, but then when I put that spoon to my mouth I was astounded. The flavour was so strong (but not in an overpowering way) and it wasn’t overly oily like some other brands I’ve tasted. The consistency was perfect and runny- I especially loved that because one of my classic PB snacks is dipping in apple slices.

They have quite a few different flavours as you can see in the images including smooth, crunchy, deep roast crunchy and deep roast smooth. I love the variety because sometimes I want a nice smooth paste for my toast and then other times I want a bit of crunch.

In my little gift box I got a cute little Sainsburys/Manilife recipe card and it was for no bake “roasted peanut butter chocolate squares” and what did you know- I had all the ingredients in and couldn’t wait until the next day; so I made it that very same night. The recipe was as easy as anything but most importantly the flavour was amazing and I got a yummy waft of PB every time I opened my fridge. I of course had to show it off on my socials because the blended chocolate and peanut butter effect looked INSANE! I would add a few more dates or a drop of honey next time as it was quite crumbly-but nontheless DELICIOUS!

I’ve been obsessed with these peanut butters and they’re the best ones I’ve tasted so far. I definitely recommend them guys. You can get them on their website where they’ve got a tonne of amazing recipes with the peanut butter that I’m dying to try, and you can also buy them at Sainsbury’s , Holland and Barrett, and Waitrose.

I’m already planning my next recipes of peanut butter cookies and flapjacks (gotta feed my sweet tooth!)

Let me know if you want me to share more reviews on here!

Thanks for reading and see you next time.



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