Ideas for new year’s resolutions 2019:

Ideas for new year’s resolutions 2019:

Every year on the approach to xmas and new year, everyone asks the same question “what’s your new years resolution?” and most people give the same answer that they thought of on the spot “eat healthier”, “quit smoking” etc. This blog post will hopefully give you a few ideas/inspiration for new years resolutions that you may want to consider.

My best advice though is to not overcomplicate it. It’s much easier to achieve if you only pick a few rather than being overly ambitious and picking too many. If you pick more than 7, then the likelihood is that you’ll forget most of them and actually complete fewer.


1)     Dedicate 1 evening a week to do reading

(it gives your eyes a break from TV, makes time for you to get round to reading that book you’ve had forever and never got round to reading it, it gives you a bit of me time)


2)     Get fitter

(yes this is the example in the opening paragraph but the truth is many people genuinely want to get fitter and healthier. My best advice would be to set yourself a minimum amount of days per week that you want to exercise and try to tick it off in a chart. If you can, then why not motivate yourself with a reward (not food) such as if you go to the gym 10 times in the month then you can treat yourself to something like a palette, or a purse. I’d also strongly suggest taking progress pics because the major motivator is a sign that your efforts are working. You often can’t see change on your own body so let the camera or the scales etc do the talking.)

3)     Hit X amount of followers

If you’re really keen on growing on social then the best thing to do is to set milestones you endeavour to hit in order to your track progress. For example you could aim to grow by 150 followers by March, grow another x hundred by midyear and then have gained another 500 by Christmas etc etc. Make sure they’re doable though, and make sure you’re engaging with other accounts and showing a genuine interest in their content. DON’T use any software to aid you or hashtags like “Likeforlike” because you’re gonna get bot followers or followers which don’t care about your content and won’t be engaged with it. Plus the bots are likely to drop off anyway so it’s a waste of time.


4)     Learn a new language

Sooooo many people would really love to learn another language but don’t do anything about it. If you want to, you can easily download apps like “duo lingo” or Babbel, or order a course such as “Rosetta stone’. You can learn in your own time, they can be really interactive and engaging, and you don’t have to commit to attending a class. You’ll be learning, you’ll be able to show something for it, and it gives you the chance to show off when you’re travelling! I may be biased having studied Spanish, but I think it’s so fun and interesting to learn another language and you also learn a lot about culture too.


5)     Save money

This is one of the most popular goals, especially among younger adults who are saving to buy a house (like myself). I’d say set yourself a bare minimum saving. Even it it’s just £3 a week, it all adds up. Keep it in the bank rather than cash so you’re less likely to “dip in” and try to put a little extra when you can. Some people keep it locked away, or you could keep the bank card with a friend or family member to stop you being tempted.

You could also try to cut back in other ways too such as:

-stop buying coffees at work and just make your own instant one

-re-use leftover food (make soups, bubble and squeak etc)

-bring lunch to work (this is such a simple one and so effective)

-if you’re seriously not going to go to the gym then cancel your subscription-the money is better off in your pocket

-car share

-don’t buy new clothes and borrow friends wardrobes

6)     Learn a skill

Take advantage of resources available to you! You can watch videos and attend courses from anywhere now thanks to the internet. If you’ve always wanted to learn photoshop then sign up to a course, if you want to improve your makeup skills watch youtube in your lunch breaks, or whilst tea (Dinner for those south of Manchester) is cooking etc. You can always squeeze in a little bit of time to learn something

So those are just 6 ideas, and hopefully they have inspired you to think about what you want to achieve in the new year.

I’d recommend displaying your goals on your fridge, on post its in the mirror, keep them in your phone notes, track them in a spreadsheet -just keep them visible so that you don’t forget them and so that you can keep track of your progress. Milestones are particularly great for KPIs, and you can also discuss them with your friends too.

Do you guys have any resolution ideas to share? I’d love to hear from you.

I wish you all the best start to 2019 and really hope that you achieve even more than 2018. Good luck with your resolutions and feel free to get in touch.

Speak soon



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  1. Great tips for new year’s resolutions 🙂 I just want to keep doing what I did last year; Work out to get stronger and fitter, save money and exploring new places 🙂

    1. those are awesome new years resolutions. Exploring is such a game changer for me because you’ll never get these active years back. And don’t forget to take lots of amazing photos too xo

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