My 5 must haves for a PHENOMENAL autumn wardrobe!

My 5 must haves for a PHENOMENAL autumn wardrobe!

As much as we are all likely sad that summer is over, the one good thing is that we are (in my opinion) in the best season for fashion – Autumn!

I think Autumn is just such a fantastic season for styling because it allows you to accessorise, layer and add tonnes of dimension to the looks. Today’s post will share my 7 must have features you need to have an autumn wardrobe which SLAYS!

  • Hats – hats are one of my absolute go tos for autumn, not only do they keep your head warm, but they also make an outfit instantly go from an 8 to a 10. I think it just ads an element of personalisation and done right, you’ll have the compliments coming all day! I originally thought hats didn’t suit me but the more I tried them out, the more I came to like them. 

My personal favourites are fedoras, berets, baker boys/news boys (or as I like to call them security guard hats), floppy hats and a good old beanies.

My advice would be to go for your blacks, whites and browns so that they can go with more outfits. 

  • Leather and varied textures – Textures is an absolute must have in any fashionista’s wardrobe. The contrast between that and other fabrics instantly draws in the eye. You of course need lots of gorgeous leather boots but should also consider leather garments too. I love leather skirts (especially in the warmer tones like burgundy or brown) and I am also obsessed with leather trousers and leather leggings. The inside is a faux suede which makes them so much warmer! (bonus points for practicality). Places that do great leather trousers are Mango (as worn below), Asos and Zara. I always suggest going for a tighter version as it looks much nicer when there aren’t as many wrinkles in the material. Black is a great choice but this time I went for a cream to brighten up the look
  • Tweed – So many people overlook tweed maybe because it was all the rage “in the olden days” but tweed is actually awesome. My favourites are of course a tweed jacket, a tweed skirt or a tweed dress (with layers underneath for extra warmth and dimension). River Island and Shein have some great choices and in some stunning colours too.
  • Eye catching print coats – as much as I love my plain coats, prints are fantastic for making a statement! I tend to go for overcoats in my prints but there are lots of other styles I like too. This year I’m big into dogtooth and houndstooth prints for I went for this amazing check coat from Primark which was a bargain at just £25! Yep you read correctly! Other places that do fabulous coats are ASOS, Lipsy and Ted Baker.
  • Tartan – Tartan is such a great print, it can be both edgy and cute and is a real show stopper. I always recommend just one piece at a time so as not to be overwhelming. You can’t go wrong with a tartan scarf (I absolutely love the Burberry one), a cute mini skirt or a jazzy pair of trousers to wear with some chunky boots. Mine below are from Boohoo. Sometimes it can be boring sticking with the same plain items so by mixing it up a bit makes it even more interesting.

So those are my top 5 tips. I hope that’s been helpful guys, don’t forget to follow my Instagram and tik tok for some more inspo!

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