Key things I’ve learned during Covid-19 Lockdown

Key things I’ve learned during Covid-19 Lockdown

Hey lovelies,

As we are all aware, the last 5 months or so have been a total whirlwind with the Coronavirus pandemic and all the lockdowns taking place. Our routines have changed, our daily life and habits have changed and interestingly a lot of the ways we think about things and our opinions may have changed too. To a lot of us this is completely unprecedented so it’s interesting to take a step back and have a think about how different our lives are compared to before the outbreak.

I’ve been reflecting so much while being on lockdown so I wanted to share those reflections with you. You may have seen my Youtube video talking a bit more in depth about my ten main reflections, but this blog post is less in depth and has more learnings/takeaways that I wanted to share.

Here’s the YouTube video if you’d like to give that a watch too:

Here are some things I’ve learned since being on lockdown:

-Tiktok is super addictive and also really fun-here’s my TikTok account so we can connect on there too.

-The people who should/want to be in your life will be (if they can’t message you in lockdown then are they a real friend?)

-We take a LOT for granted

-Having screen free time is a must

-Making time for yourself is paramount to feeling good

-Work / life balance is crucial and we should make time to have breaks from work

-We all have 24 hours in a day-how you use them is what helps you get to where you want to be

-I’m much happier when the house is clean and need to make sure I maintain it especially when we go back to work

-I need my own time (I feel all the better after even just half an hour doing something alone)

-Having fresh air and going for a little walk can do wonders. Even if it’s cold I always feel better for going

-Mental health and looking after it is just as important as physical health

-It is possible to have nice food at home-it’s making sure to plan and get the right ingredients that makes the difference.

-Lockdown is the perfect time to start something new or rekindle a hobby you’ve fallen out of love with-make sure to keep it up after lockdown too

-Nights in can be fun! (It’s not all about going out)

-Social interaction is so necessary (it’s when you don’t have it or can’t have it that you realise how much you need it)

-We can use busy lives to put off fixing things, clearing out the wardrobe etc-when you do it the sense of achievement is great and your house looks better!

-It’s hard to imagine what a lockdown would be like without the internet and social media-it really has enhanced our quality of life and we should be grateful

-Material things aren’t the be all and end all-so many lockdown birthdays and creative celebration ideas-makes us realise what’s really important

-We should remember that we only have one life and we should live it to the fullest!

So those are my reflections guys, did any of this resonate with you? Do you have similar or different opinions. I’d absolutely love to hear what you’ve learned and what you’ve been doing during the lockdown-so don’t hesitate to get in touch on here or on my instagram.

Don’t forget to watch my youtube video too to hear my top 10 in a bit more details.

As always thanks for reading



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