My first session of laser hair removal!

My first session of laser hair removal!

Hello my lovelies,

As you’ll have seen from my Instagram stories and my latest youtube video, I finally decide to get laser hair removal. I’ve wanted to get this for so many years now, and so, when I saw an offer online, I just had to get it as it was too good to refuse.

The offer was from Sk:n clinics (which is a provider that I know the NHS use so it must be trustworthy). They have clinics all over the country and there is one literally down the road from my office so it’s very convenient.

The offer which caught my attention was 50% off laser hair removal treatments plus a free hydrafacial worth £90 when you book a course of 8. I’m not 100% sure what a hydrafacial is but you guys know I love a bargain and a freebie, so I took that into account. 50 percent was too good a deal to miss. I think the hydrafacial is the one where they suck out all the crap in your skin and extract your clogged pores. Living in a city centre, I reckon it’s very overdue! Ahahaha!

You always get a free consultation, so I booked my appointment and they looked at my hair, asked me questions and gave me a patch test. Thankfully my hair is quite dark which is the best kind of hair apparently as the laser works off hair pigmentation so it will be easy to detect.

I initially thought I’d get my underarms done as I’m always so self-conscious when I forget to shave, or the hair starts growing back; but in the end I decided that I was going to get my bikini line done. I always feel so self-conscious when wearing bikinis, especially the high leg line ones and I want to just be more relaxed when I go on holiday or to a spa and not have to keep worrying about the hair starting to grow back and it being visible.

I had a quick chat about the pricing of it all. The lady offered me 2 options: normal bikini line or Brazillian bikini line which goes a little further in. It was only around £100 difference as you can see in the image, so I decided to get 8 treatments of the bikini line removal. It cost me £620 in total working out as £77.50 per session. They do have finance deals in place too so you may be able to spread out your payments.

I was shocked to hear that you need to wait 6 weeks in between treatments (there’s me thinking I’ll be done within 3 months), as they need to assess how the hair is growing back so they can decide if they need to alter the laser settings.

I went for my first treatment 2 days after my patch test as I wanted to start sooner rather than later. I could keep my underwear on or take it off. I decided to take it off, though I was a little self-conscious at first. The laser machine was really big and the consultant moved it across my skin. It made a quite a loud noise and I felt like a hot zap (only the size of a pin prick) every now and again as she moved the laser round the skin. It wasn’t painless, but it moved so fast that I didn’t have time to dwell on the pain and I was only in there for around 15 minutes which wasn’t long at all.

When I left, I was given a bag worth £45 with an aloe vera gel, a cooling spray and a suncream. The gel and spray are for you to apply after treatment to calm the irritated skin.

I am glad that I finally decided to go for my treatment. I have quite a lot of sessions left but I can definitely let you guys know how it’s going. Unfortunately, it will be delayed now due to the clinics closing because of Covid-19 but hopefully I won’t have too long to wait.

If you guys want to take a look at my video then take a look here. Equally if you want to ask me any questions about my experience then don’t hesitate to ask.

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