8 tips for keeping healthy

8 tips for keeping healthy

Hello darlings! Welcome back to my blog! I thought I’d write a post sharing with you my current tips for staying healthy. I think it’s really important to try and get into a good routine and basically just look after ourselves! Yes, a lot of this may be common sense, but either way, I think they’re really important to point out!

  • Try not to drink too much alcohol– yep I know this one will be tough, especially as we approach the lovely summertime and you want nothing more than to sit in a beer garden with a tonne of Kopparberg’s and music. Yes, you can still drink but I find I get really bloated when I have loads and loads of drinks. I found having alcohol free stuff, drinking slower and making cute little mocktails a good way to keep excessive drinking at bay. 
  • Try and jazz up your salads– I know, salad to some people can be the most boring, unfilling thing in the world-but that could be because you’re not adding a fun mix of ingredients. I found having croutons/dried onion makes it so much nicer especially with the mix of soft and crunchy textures. I also like to add bulgur wheat/quinoa which gives me a healthy carb source and fills me up for longer. Why not add some avocado, some prawns, some pickled onions. Salads are way more appealing to me the more colourful and varied it looks. Give it a go and see what creations you come up with!
  • Go for walks– I know with our busy lives walking is probably the last thing on your mind but even just a 15/20-minute walk can do the world of good. It gets you off that sofa and away from the screen, gives you the chance to be with your own thoughts or a chance to listen to an audiobook, and it’s exercise too. To mix it up I try to different routes and I love it when I find new places!
  • Take multi vitamins– I recently decided to start taking multi vitamins to try and top up any missing nutrients my body needs. I really like the hair skin and nails ones as they are really nice tasting and feel more like a sweet. I also take some normal capsule looking multivitamins in the morning with breakfast. I feel better knowing I’m getting extra goodness into my body
  • Try a gym class– I often struggle to self-motivate to gym so I always like to make an effort to book myself onto a class because I’m less likely to cancel and I feel more engaged and motivated when I’m among other people doing the same thing. I find body combat and body pump really fun especially as the music is really good! That helps me to get into a better routine as the classes are usually the same day and time every week!
  • Take some me time– everyone always thinks diet and exercise but don’t always think about mental health. I think that every person should make an effort to get at least an hour a week to themselves. To do what they want to do with no distractions. It could be read a book, painting, doing an adult colouring book (which is really therapeutic actually), having a pamper session etc etc. I really enjoy listening to music or watching a series while in the bath and just having a nice relaxing soak! A couple of candles and hot water can do wonders! Find the time and do what you want to do even if it’s just chilling and not doing much. It’s your time for yourself-make the most of it. PS) Animal crossing is such a great game for just chilling out with- I hugely recommend.
  • Express yourself-I have found that giving myself the chance to express myself and my feelings works wonders. We can get caught up in our own thoughts so why not confide in a friend or write in a diary. If you just want a creative outlet why not write a poem, a blog post, draw, sculpt, paint. Do something to help you deal with whatever you have going on. 
  • Sleep– Last but not least is to try and get enough sleep. I know there really aren’t enough hours in the day, but believe me you won’t be as alert or productive if you don’t get enough rest. And don’t be afraid to have a lie in at the weekend too- that works wonders (especially if you’ve had a particularly chaotic week). I try to dim my lights as I approach bedtime and try not to drink a lot before bed. I also HUGELY recommend an electric blanked for the winter months especially if you’re a wimp with the cold like me. It was such a great buy! 

So those are my 8 keep healthy tips. I told you a lot would be common sense, but nonetheless they work! Give them a go and do let me know how you got on. As always if anyone needs someone to speak to or confide in, then please don’t hesitate to reach out.

Lots of love



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