A new fave handbag brand: Johnny Loves Rosie

A new fave handbag brand: Johnny Loves Rosie

Hello my darlings! As a blogger and avid fashion lover, I’m all about my accessories and mixing up my outfits. I hold my hands up to the fact that I get bored with the same handbag all the time. I may use one for a few weeks and then I swap and almost have a bit of a carousel going on.

That gets a bit of a chore; especially when it comes to lifting and shifting the contents of one bag to another. Thankfully I haven’t been doing that since I came across a new handbag company called “Johnny Loves Rosie” who specialise in personalised mix and match handbags.

Personalisation with your initials is great but the real thing which drew me in was the fact you can mix and match straps and keyrings and scarves for the bags and tailor it to how you like. It’s so cool because one day I may want a clutch so I remove the strap, next I want to be sleek and chic with cute bows  and satin scarves and then the next I want to be more relaxed with fabric straps and nice keyrings.

The keyrings, bows and straps are so easy to remove and add because they all have clips attached to them and you literally click it in and off/on it goes. Its so easy.

My personal favourite is the rose gold or the baby pink (because I love the rose gold detailing) but there are lots of other colours and straps too.

The keyrings and straps are bought separately both starting at around £18 (you can add your initials to the keyrings as well as the bags) the bows start at £10 and the scarves are around £16. The bags themselves start at around £40. 

The bags tend to be fairly small and compact but there’s quite a range of styles and sizes and they’ve also got jewellery on site too. (this could be dangerous haha)

If you want to take a look at what else they have on their website then here’s the link.

As always thanks for reading lovelies, and stay tuned on my Instagram as I’ll be posting photos wearing the bags lots of different ways.

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