October drugstore makeup hits and misses (2018)

October drugstore makeup hits and misses (2018)

Hi Guys, so I recently uploaded a video to YouTube going through my October hits and misses with cosmetics. I wanted to share my opinion on some of the products and why I did or didn’t like it.

I’ll start with the misses:

I really wanted to like this product as I’d heard such good reviews about ELF cosmetics but I just wan’t impressed. I like the price and I love how you can see how much of the product is left through the translucent bottle, it just felt too watered down and didn’t set my makeup.

I think because I’m often out the house for quite a while I need quite a strong setting spray like the Urban Decay all nightery setting spray which of course is much more pricey.

I will say that ELF were true to their word in the matte aspect since it definitely did not enhance or produce any shine on my face and was matte.

I’d still be open to trying other ELF products but for this one, I won’t be buying it again.


I was honestly so excited to try this palette but it just didn’t work for me. As somebody with a combination skin type and prone to psoriasis it didn’t work. I found them difficult to blend and they definitely enhanced dry skin.

I got a shade medium and the conceal and highlight tones were nice but I needed a darker contour tone and didn’t think the dark palette was right for me with the other shades.

The packaging was nice (although the mirror was tiny) and you get a decent amount of product (if you only apply one layer). I think the conceal shade is good for an underbrow neaten up but only if you don’t have dry skin.

Unfortunately it was a miss for me but I love rimmel and love to see what new stuff they bring.


I’d been meaning to try a new primer and was drawn to this because of the colour correcting aspect (I have a lot of blotchy red tones which green aims to counteract), and the fact it was oil free.

It definitely was lightweight as advertised but it felt a little too lightweight and just did nothing for my pores. I had to apply another primer in my pore areas or the benefit pore minimiser to aid the canvas aspect.

Again, if you don’t have dry skin this could actually work with you but due to my combination skin, it’s quite difficult to find a product that fully makes my face into a canvas before applying foundation.

Now for the hits:

I thought this powder was excellent value for money. It’s lightweight, mattifying and the packaging was good. You also don’t need to keep applying, as I could just grab one large makeup brush and it covered my entire face.

I haven’t used it just applying a bit of each colour in different areas, I literally just swooped it all over my face.

I will say make sure you blend it well so as not to appear lighter, but it honestly goes so well on top of my foundation. Also, if you have a foundation shade that is maybe a little bit dark and you don’t want your powder to make it look darker, this is amazing as it doesn’t darken it at all and sets the foundation nicely in place.


This highlighter is really nice! It’s a beautiful colour and the it is set in the packaging with these maze lines which I thing hep to collect product on your brush. It gives your face a lovely golden glow and I really like to put it high up on my cheeks.

It’s more of a subtle highlighter than some really extra white ones I’ve seen and is fab for going out in the evening. The slim packaging also makes bringing it on your travels, nice and easy.


This blusher is amazing, it’s highly pigmented and the packaging is decent (although just my luck that after filming the video it cracked to a thousand pieces and the packaging is in 2 pieces)-that’s what you get for trying to carry too much makeup at once. So lazy! It’s the best drugstore blusher’ve tried and it’s definitely one of my go to’s.It’s actually also the first baked blusher I tired. I bring it with me on my travels as it is small, and the fact you don’t need to apply loads and loads means that it will last you for ages.

This brand is really good if you’re doing beauty on a budget, although I do recommend an eye primer and or solution for applying the shadows so they stay longer and appear more pigmented.


This blusher is incredible and for a pound what more do you want?! It’s super slim and is a woman on the go’s best friend. This shade is perfect for every day use and I’ve also used it as an eyeshadow too. Just because it’s a blusher doesn’t mean you can’t use it elsewhere!-that’s why I love makeup.

MUA also have a tonne of other colours so you could even afford to get a couple if you want variety.


THE best drugstore brow kit I’ve found so far-it’s fantastic. You get a shadow and a pomade. I have almost black brows but the pomade is still very dary and you only need a tiny bit. The powder is lovely and the packaging is nice and sturdy.

The kit comes with some mini tweezers and 2 brow brushes. The angled brow brush it the best brow brush I have and I often find myself reaching for that over some full size brow brushes.

The brows last, it can apply really precise and the price is really good. It lasts you absolutely ages too so even if you do your brows daily, you won’t be running out anytime soon.


I think a lot of people overlook boots makeup brands and they really shouldn’t. This jewel heist palette is brilliant and comes with 3 eyeshadows and a really nice black gel liner. The shimmer shade can also be sued to highlight your brow bone and inner eye corner, the brown shade is gorgeous and the blue is so bright and pigmented. I actually brought this to Budapest with me as you’ll have seen on my insta stories and the packaging is so sturdy, so I wasn’t at all worried about it banging about in my bag.


  • Maybelline anti shine stick “355 Coconut”

I actually bought this on ebay and shipped from France as when this first came out, it wasn’t available in the UK. Maybelling have loads of contour sticks now and after using this I’d definitely be up for trying them.

This one glides on so easily, it blends well with a buffer brush and is definitely matte as advertised.


The fit me range by maybelling is my favourite. I actually have 2 of the concealers from this range (different shades) and it is fantastic for highlighting your under eyes. I love the eady to blend formula which is the perfect thickness and consistency. It’s seriously good and I’d hands down buy it again.


This brow pencil is great for neatening up your brows. I love that it’s dual ended and gives you the option for a matter of shimmer highlight. You also don’t even have to blend in with a brush which makes doing your brows much quicker and easier.

I think I paid 7 which is just typical, but glad it’s gone down in price as I definitely want to replace mine once I’ve used it up.


  • M and S limited collection lipstick “Candy”

Like I mentioned earlier, some brands are majorly overlooked. M and S have makeup instore (including PIXI!) and they are worth a look. It’s affordable and so far I’ve found their products really pigmented.

The shades of shadows and lipsticks are varied and you can get some really unique colours so definitely head down and get swatching!


I love this clear brow gel to set my brows in place as it doesn’t make them look greasy or go hard like you’ve spreayed hair spray on them. It apply just enough product onto the applicator and you can literally set your brows in one stroke. I’d really like to try more products from the range.


This is one of my most “Go-to” lipsticks. It’s highly pigmented, beautiful colour and does not highlight my constantly dry lips.

The thing that sets it apart from other brands is that you can actually see the colour without taking the lid off which makes taking your pick of lipsticks way quicker. I actually have a couple of the fun colours lipsticks and really like them.


I first discovered kiko when I lived in Madrid and before it really hit the UK. Some of their products are so cheap including the smart lipliners. This colour is really nice and matches with my brown and mauve lip colours and so far has lasted me quite a long time.

It also applies really smoothly, I have around 5 liners so far from them and highly recommend them.

So those are my October hits and misses. Have you guys tried any of these and had a similar experience? Has it helped you form an opinion of whther or not to try a product? I would love for you to get in touch.


Here’s the video if you haven’t seen it.

Stay tuned for more blog posts, videos and Instagram snaps.

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